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AFCAT Exam Preparation 2021

Hello Future Soldiers, Today through this article I want to share my approach towards AFCAT exam. I gave this exam for the first time in Feb 2014 and cleared it. Believe me – 3 weeks study consistent study for it is enough. However, you are left with only two weeks so I will share some valuable tips which can be useful to you:

  1. Stick to AFCAT syllabus given at the website.
  2. Use Arihant AFCAT book for studying GK. This book alone is sufficient.
  3. Practice reasoning questions from RS Agarwal.
  4. Practice Error identification and Fill in the blanks from AFCAT book.
Now, I will explain section wise.
  • English: Since this is the very first section of the test, candidates try to solve this first. But, if you are sure on yourself and if you think you can score very easily in this section, only then solve else attempt this section later. The most scoring areas in English are reading comprehension, error identification and fill in the blanks. I would suggest you to make these areas stronger by studying from Arihant book.
  • GK: Almost half of the GK comprises of history and geography of India. This you can study from Arihant book. Apart from that I would recommend to read information related to Indian history (especially Mughal and British Era) and geography. I made notes from internet during my preparation.
  • Mathematics:  For solving this part just study the following topics: algebra, percentages, profit & loss, rates time speed, simple & compound interest and number system. For practicing, I encourage you to solve previous exam papers (right from 2011). The questions are not repeated but the pattern remains almost the same. Also, remember to time your practice using a stopwatch. You should complete this section within 30-40 minutes.
  • Reasoning: This is the most scoring section. I recommend you to attempt this very first before going to any other section. Solving this first will not only boost your confidence, but also increase your speed. For getting a command on this section, practice using RS Agarwal book. But the book is quite large, so practice accordingly. I did some questions from every section. Here also, go through previous exam question papers.

If anyone wants these materials, please let me know:

How to prepare for AFCAT 2019 Online

At the end, I just want to say put your best efforts for the upcoming AFCAT exam. All the Best J
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  1. hello sir…please send all the materials that you have mentioned namely:
    RS Agarwal e-book
    Previous exam question papers
    GK Notes
    AFCAT Syllabus
    GK and Quant Answers to previous years papers and EKT for ece branch

  2. Bro, can you please send all the 5 things u have mentioned namely

    RS Agarwal e-book
    Previous exam question papers
    GK Notes
    AFCAT Syllabus
    GK and Quant Answers to previous years papers ??

    id is rupesh.1695@outlook.com
    Thank you in advance πŸ™‚

  3. Hello Sir,
    Is arihant book sufficient for the preparation of afcat? As it contains only 1-2 pages of Mughal Empire in History section. Please tell me is this book enough to prepare?

  4. Sir thank u for helping us ..please could you send across the gk notes,syllabus and rs aggarwal e book as soon as possible..I would be highly grateful ..you could send the material to choudharyshweta62 @gmail.com

  5. Sir I want all the 5 materials which are mentioned above, I need these materials asap because I am going to write afcat exam on 22nd Feb 2015 . please send it to rahuldas99 @gmail.com . please help me sir .

  6. hello sir,
    Sir i am planning to go for AFCAT feb 2015,so it would be gratefull if u could send me
    RS Agarwal e-book
    Previous exam question papers
    GK Notes
    AFCAT Syllabus
    GK and Quant Answers to previous years papers
    please mail it to dilipvenugopal92@gmail.com
    Thank you

  7. Please sir, if possible please send me r.s.agarwal ebook, previous question papers, gk notes, afcat syllabus, gk and quant answers to previous years papers and if possible please send me EKT mechanical engineering previous paper


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