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Defeat: A Trampoline To Success

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Defeat: A Trampoline To Success

One of the worst experiences for a person can be defeat that too when you have given your best, you have worked really hard in preparation and when you have made countless sacrifices. As disappointing as losing may be at the time, it can actually be your trampoline to higher success. It’s all about how you choose to deal with defeat, and whether you allow your emotions to keep yourself down.

If we take an analogy of a bow and an arrow to understand how setbacks can actually catapult us to greater victories. For an arrow to be shot forward and penetrate the wind, it first needs to be pulled backward. The further we pull back, the greater the force accumulates, and the arrow can go even further. And this is the exactly the same with our lives- the greater the setback, the greater the opportunity to bounce back. When life is pulling you back with difficulties, it means it is going to launch you into something great as long as you stay focused and keep smiling for your goals.  

And this is what I want to tell you through this article that ‘Defeat can be trampoline to success but only if we believe that it can be’. It is easy to become pessimistic or to lose faith in oneself after a defeat. It is disheartening and may disillusion us. That is why we must remain focused on our goal and understand defeat with correct attitude, and use it to move on. There are 3 simple ways by following which you can turn defeat into a trampoline:
  1. Learn from the past: Reflect upon what went well and what went wrong. Knowing where you went wrong is the first step in improving yourself and making you better. You need to be as analytical as possible to make the difference between a win and a loss.
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  2. Don’t focus on the fruit of actions: Results may or may not come your way, therefore, it is crucial that you stay focused on your development day after day. It is easy to relax after winning or tasting success and it is common to lose motivation if you keep on losing or fail. Therefore, disregarding the outcome, you must do your best.
  3. Remember where you want to go: Just stay focused on the goal. If you don’t keep focus on a target then the things can go very wrong. No matter how many defeats you face, you don’t divert the path you’ve chosen. 
Always remember learning from a defeat can teach us how to win and win even BIG! 
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