Important GD topics for UES entry Preparation

Important GD topics for UES entry Preparation

I continuously get a lot of mails and requests for suggesting the list of probable topics that could be helpful in UES college round preparation. UES entry is the most coveted entry seek after by the defence aspirants because of its multiple advantages that it offers to the person who gets selected through this entry. This entry allows you to apply in the pre final year and provides a golden chance to be the part of Indian defence forces.

This entry allows you to enter any of the force of your choice. Navy and army approves candidates of pre final year through college rounds where the teams of the defence forces visits various selected campuses to select youth and send them directly to the SSB. During the college rounds of UES, which is an ongoing process right now the defence teams visit selected campuses throughout the country to conduct Group Discussion/ PI or both depending on the applications received and select candidates based on their calibre and the qualities they possess to be fit for the defence forces. Though there is no limit that can be applied to the topics that can be given for GD I present the list of few items that can be asked. Kindly prepare these and related topics wholeheartedly:

  • Nation’s nuclear agreement with United States of Russia
  • Reservation of women in India
  • Nuclear threat to our nation?
  • Role of Press and media
  • Should Defence force Training be made compulsory 
  • Retirement age of Politicians
  • World Peace
    UES Entry Group Discussion
  • Technology Vs Human life span
  • River project
  • Unemployment in India
  • Sex education in India
  • Common Syllabus throughout Indian schools
  • Is ragging the students in colleges good or bad
  • Single grading system at all level of education
  • Love Marriage Vs arranged marriage
  • Alternate sources of energy 
  • India having Permanent member position in the UNO
  • Co – education in India
  • Banning alcohol :effects
  • Developing tidal energy can save us now
  • Police or Army – Who is important
  • BPO work culture
  • Developing Wind energy

Also the results are declared for the successful candidates after few days but it’s a suggestion to aspirants that if you are sure for your performance don’t wait for SSB call letter just start preparing as once call letter is received it’s too late to build up the required psychology which in itself is a time taking process. Look for a expert who can guide you individually as psychology, interview taught in a group is a waste and has no impact as general instructions given to large group in this regard is useless because in these rounds you need to portray your qualities and not general qualities, which makes assessors feel the same old thing being presented in a new package.
Prepare well and utilize this chance of UES entry to know where you stand in crowd. Though there will be many opportunities later but it’s better to achieve your goal earlier and even if not getting through, you will realise your weak areas and course of future action. Still if you have any doubt or need individualised help through distance learning mentoring or counselling that I provide for SSB preparation or to resolve queries feel free to drop me a mail at   Lets cover the success path together.

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 Jayendra Singh, Editorial Team

Jayendra is pursuing MBA from IIM Ranchi and is a die heart counsellor for defence aspirants. He was recommended in the first attempt for Indian navy UES entry and is willing to help aspirants to make use of his experience in this field.

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