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Last Minute Tips for CDS Exam 2020

Being a part of country’s defence force is a value for some while glory for others. You need to leave everything to serve the nation wholeheartedly. That’s why thousands of people keep applying for defence forces through various means. There are numerous ways to enter the forces in our country. There could be direct entries, indirect entries, NCC, etc. and CDS is one such way to enter the forces and serve the motherland. Tomorrow is the exam for CDS. All aspirants are set to give best in their exam. This exam is conducted twice a year by UPSC to recruit officers in all the three forces based on the choices opted by the candidates. Once the written exam is cleared the candidates who qualify it are called for the most coveted exam called SSB and once recommended by the board, they become eligible to join the defence forces.

While appearing for the CDS exam the candidates have option to opt for the permanent commission or short service commission in the forces of Army, navy and air force. The syllabus that UPSC has fixed for CDS is very broad and covers a lot of things. Thus candidates are expected to do selective study to make through the written course. The question paper would be of objective nature and there is also negative marking. Few end moment tips from my side could be helpful:

  • Have a strong hold of basics and today is the day to revise just the basics with no more knowledge addition at this instant.
  • Time management is essential and could help in scoring more. Each and every question need not be solved as there is negative marking. Select what you are best at and try solving it.
  • Previous year papers should be checked to know what kind of questions appear and one mock test can be taken on the last day to see what could be the strategy that could help in the flow of solving.

    cds exam tips
  • Reviewing question initially once you get it can help in identifying areas where questions that you are stronger in and could be definitely solved by you may help and then only the flow of solving should be decided.
  • If you are stuck at a point just try moving ahead and don’t waste time too largely on any question.
  • Speed and accuracy can only help in getting the exam clear and being called for the SSB.
  • Mugging up things doesn’t really help in such standard exams but if basics are clear you can win the battle easily.

Also one should remember that after giving CDS the focus should be immediately shifted in preparing for SSB and one should not wait for the result to be declared as once the results are declared you can expect a call for SSB immediately in a period of 1-2 month and hence then time would be less for preparation.

 So once the paper is over tomorrow, no rest to be taken. Just start concentrating on developing your personality and OLQ’s as SSB is a psychometric based assessment where competencies are being tested through various in basket exercises over the period of five days. The SSB is just the simulation of real life scenarios that might occur during the service.  Still if you feel the need of individualised assessment and mocks that can be taken from your home itself through my mentoring program or you have a query bothering your mind which hinders your preparation drop me a mail for more information at jayendrapsingh@gmail.com or add me on Fb and drop in a message. It would be a pleasure to help and resolve queries and clear doubts which are more often myths that are present in the place. Remember SSB is a easy exam to clear where you just have to reveal your true self in a systematic way, nothing more than this is needed. 

cds exam coaching
Jayendra Singh
Jayendra Singh
Jayendra Pratap Singh is an Alumnus of IIM Ranchi, specialized in Human Resource and is a die heart counsellor, advisor and mentor for defense aspirants. He was recommended in the first attempt for Indian navy UES entry and is willing to help aspirants to make use of his experience in this field.
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