The More I Am Facing Failure The More I Am Getting Motivated To Get Recommended

My story and my aspiration to be an officer in defence forces begun when I was child of just 11 year age and  join Sainik school Kunjpura an institution which prepares its students to fulfill their of joining armed forces. The environment of school itself is a training for its students but the ugly truth about the great institution is that out of the 100 students joining in class 6th a very few are able to join National defence academy and the reason varies.
I was also in the lucky lot of those ”A Very  few” who was recommended by SSB from 34 SSB Board Allahabad for air force flying branch. Hurray  now you may be thinking what a cute story of a boy who wanted to be a part of defence forces and he made it. I also thought in that way till the merit list for the course was announced and unfortunately I couldn’t get my joining letter for academy.

Here’s began the real struggle story of this boy who failed to clear the upcoming NDA written exam and couldn’t get call letter for SSB. Patience is the key to success and that’s what all I could revive  on. In-spite of failure I didn’t let my spirit and fire of becoming an officer die. I completed my graduation and believe me there wasn’t even a single day on which I haven’t thought of SSB. In the final year of graduation I applied for CDSE exam and I made through it. I was so happy to receive call letter for SSB and my hope of becoming officer seems to be alive but again I was mistaken.
Once again I went for SSB at Bhopal. A total of 82 cadets come for SSB and I was chest number 82. I was confident at screening test and attempt all process very confidently. It was time for screening results and my ears were eagerly waiting to hear chest no 82. The GTO announced ”and the last one we have” my heart was pounding in my chest ”chest no 38”. Oh what a great relief. After the screening, you all being aspirants are aware of the tests being conducted thereafter. Out of 38 candidates 5 were previously recommended. Really had a wonderful time with candidates from different parts of country.

The More I Am Facing Failure The More I Am Getting Motivated To Get Recommended

On 5th day it was time for conference. All went well as usual and now everyone was eagerly waiting for the results. The Major come in olive green dress and  gave the consolation speech as usual and after that announce the result. Only two out of 38 were recommended and rest all were staring at each other. Major broke the silence ” that’s all we have from this batch, better luck next time”. Out of two one was fresher and one was repeater. None of the 5 previously recommended was able to make it this time And I was also one of them.
With broken heart but with a good and memorable experience I come back. I gave my final year exams and came home. The failure at SSB filled me with zeal to make it again and very soon I got the opportunity. It was my SSB entry just two months after I got conference out.
It may be strange but i comply with my frustration of failure by workout daily. Again I went for Ssb and again I was in the same board from which I was conference out which creates a feeling of low confidence in me. This time unexpected thing happened and I was shocked to get screened out this time.
After coming back I took admission in MA ENGLISH at Punjab university and started waiting for next opportunity. I got that in my next ncc entry which was scheduled to be on January 2015.
This time I went to 34 SSB Allahabad, the board from which I was recommended but again after giving my 100 per cent I screened out.
The more I am facing failure the more I am getting motivated to get recommended.
Now I am waiting for the CDSE results which will be announced soon and I hope to make it in the written exam.
I just wanted to tell you all aspirants that we are not failure till the time we accept it by mind and soul and quit. Always remember:
Once you start working on something, don’t be afraid of failure and don’t abandon it.
Sometimes those who quit aren’t even aware of the fact that how close they were to their aim.
Failure is part of life and it adds flavour to our success because the taste  of success after failure is indescribable. I would like to sum up only by writing that lets everyone come forward and take a pledge not to quit no matter how many time we face failure.
Good luck

 About Amandeep Delu: I am a product of Sainik School once recommended by SSB from 34 SSB Board Allahabad for airforce flying branch.

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