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FAQ’s Regarding Lecturette


Lecturette is a part of the Group Task series. This is conducted by a Group Testing officer, called as GTO by all of us. Let us see what all are the Frequently asked questions regarding lecturette.

What is Lecturette?

  • It is a test conducted as a part of the Group Testing. In this test a candidate is supposed to speak for a period of three minutes. It is like an extempore speech. The GTO is present at the back of the candidates, or behind the candidate who is speaking. All the other candidates of the group are also present and listening.

Is there any time given for preparation?

  • Yes, there are three minutes given for the preparation. So it means that as soon as the person who is before you starts speaking, you take the topic and start preparing. You have to go a little aside and practice.
    FAQ’s Regarding Lecturette

How is the topic given?

  • There will be card like things placed upside down on a table near GTO. The down side of it will contain the topics. There will be four topics on the card. As soon as your turn comes, you’ll go near the GTO, pick up one card. Now it depends on you that what topic you want to speak on. Decide immediately and start preparing. You have to be very quick.

What kinds of topics are given?

  • The topics vary, from the current affairs things, to social topics or general awareness topic. There can be a very simple topic also, like the book I like the most. Generally each one has a topic of high level difficulty, mild level difficulty, normal level difficulty and a simple topic.

How should I choose the topic?

  • Remember you have to speak for 3 minutes. So you need to choose a topic you are comfortable with. Choose the topic, you know the most about, amongst the topics given.

Do difficult topics carry more mark?

  • There is no such thing. You should choose the topic you can speak for three minutes on. There is no point in taking a difficult thing and then not being able to perform.

What is the basis of marks?

  • The basis of marks is definitely not the level of the difficulty of topic. It depends on your way of delivery, presentation, content and how well you speak. You should be comfortable to speak about the given topic, then only you’ll be good.

What if I don’t know any topic in the list?

  • You simply tell the GTO your problem; he might give you another card or ask you to speak on a topic of your choice. This is very risky, and you should only go the GTO, for a change in topic if you are totally clueless about all the topics in your list. This kind of situation generally never arises.

How should I prepare?

  • The best way to prepare is to read a lot. Get an idea about what kind of topics are asked by referring to them on our website. There when you get your list, choose the topic you know most, think about a beginning and a conclusion and sort out the points in series in which you are planning to speak them.

How should I give the lecturette?

  • Stand still, with your hands behind or in the front. Do not use hand gestures. Have an eye contact with your group mates. Speak in a proper tone and speed. Modulate your voice. Be calm.

How should I react to the sitting GTO?

  • You should wish the GTO once you begin your lecturette. After that just consider him invisible. Look only at your group mates and never at the GTO.
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