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Outside the Interviewing Officer’s Room

Personal interview is one of the three techniques by which the assessors assess you. It carries a major weightage in your selection process. It carries maximum marks and is the shortest test. So it is like that one jackpot question, by which you can win the lottery. Before the interview takes place, you are made to wait for a certain amount of time outside the room. This waiting time is spent generally in Ante room, in case of AFSB or in some other room, or sometimes under a tree in case of SSB. You are informed, most of the times, much before the interview. So before the start of your interview, you wait for your turn along with other candidates (as there are simultaneous interviews going on, as there are many interviewing officers, so those candidates are waiting for their turn).

Things which Happen Outside the Interviewing Officer’s Room

  1. Current Affairs Discussion:  This is the most common discussion and it happens every time, when you are sitting outside the room. Every candidate sitting there says some or the other news. Some are baffled on hearing them as they are new to them and some argue over other facts. Five national, five international and five sports news are the one’s discussed most commonly.
  2. Revision of facts about the services: There is also a very common discussion which is about the facts about the service you have applied for. The candidates seem to recite chants of commands, ranks and recent procurements. Chief of that service is a name repeated many times.
  3. The aftermath of others interviews: You can see a lot of candidates discussing the questions asked in others interviews, or in their previous interviews. They also discuss the officers, who is stricter, who is asking what type of questions and so on.
  4. Racing heartbeat: One thing common is that everybody will be having a racing heart. You’ll be nervous as to how the interview will go.
    Outside the Interviewing Officer’s Room

Things you should do

  1.  Mentally revise: Revise all your achievements, things related to your family, friends etc. Recall all what you have written in your PIQ form. Recall your preparations and your confidence level will instantly boost up.
  2. Don’t discuss: You know what you know, and you don’t know what you don’t know. Learning something at the 11th hour will only lead to nervousness. Even if you are able to gather some information, still you are not having the quality of information to go and present in front of the interviewer. It’ll further confuse you and you’ll get stuck in the interview. A plain simple honest “I don’t know sir”, will save you from all of this trouble.
  3. Don’t hesitate, just meditate: I don’t mean you to pull out your yoga mat and start doing yoga. Collect your thoughts, concentrate on the event which is about to happen. It is very important to relax your mind and feel mental peace. This will help you to concentrate more and beat your nervousness too.
  4. Drink a sip of water: Water will instantly calm you down and you’ll not feel that nervous. Since you have to speak a lot for a continuous duration, so it’s better to keep your throat hydrated. Do not drink too much of water, you know the aftereffects!
  5. Be ready: Being ready is not only mentally, See that your shoe and everything is proper and your hair are proper as well. Get ready in all aspects, the next few minutes will be the deciding factor of your SSB.
Good Luck! Happy Interview!

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