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Hobbies, Extra Curricular Activities and Sports in PIQ Form


Personal Information Questionnaire, or the PIQ form, holds a great importance in turning the tides for you interview and forming the basis of your selection criteria. The PIQ form needs to be filled in very carefully and properly. This is because it is the basis on which your personality will be judged. There are several columns present in the PIQ form, each of them is equally important, but some are like the crux of it. In this article we’ll be dealing with the columns of Sports, Extracurricular Activities and hobbies.

Hobbies, Extra Curricular Activities and Sports in PIQ Form

The Officer Like Qualities which you need to show in the SSB, can be projected very well from these columns. Sports define the kind of person you are. If you are involved in indoor games only, it means you are more of an introvert, while if you play no sport then that means you are a dull person. It is however important to develop a habit to play some sport. You must have heard “All work and no play, makes jack a dull boy”. Here it is “All work and no play, makes you an incomplete person”.
Extra-curricular activities again form an inseparable part of a complete personality. These activities show that you have a complete, developed personality. If you take part in extra-curricular activities, it shows that you have a desire to learn things out of your academic background also. If you have been taking part in intra and inter college/school events, representing your class/institution then it projects your efficiency and capabilities. Winning things in events shows that you have the potential to be recognized at a level. It also depicts your leadership qualities. All these things are very important from the SSB point of view, as these things form an integral part of an officers personality. Being an officer you’ll be expected to not only perform your duty wisely but also to manage a lot of other things. From bunkers to ballrooms, you’ll be expected to master everything. It is said that an officer is perfect in everything.

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Hobbies tend to relax a person under stress. They make you a unique person and show that you have a habit to engage yourself in developing your mind. Hobbies are something which are not a part of daily work, they are something in which you indulge yourself in your free time. They are something in which you are interested in. There can be a variety of hobbies like reading, dancing, collecting something etc.


  • You should know in and out of what you are mentioning in these column heads. If you are writing about some particular sport, you are expected to know about it thoroughly. Same applies to hobbies also.
  • If you are writing about any extra-curricular activity, then you should be in a position to explain it. To tell when did you win what and to tell about that event.
  • Do not leave these columns blank. Suppose you have never played a sport on a noteworthy level, then too write something which you have just played on a casual level. In the level you can write ‘played casually’
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    • ssb is all about seriousness and those cadets are not so serious are expected to eliminate…..
      reading autobiography of great persons,inspirational persons gives you noble thoughts,it will give u inspiration to do something new in ur life.reading comic books is ok… it gives u relaxation but making it as hobby is absolutely not good.ssb selecters think that u r only searchig for happiness,comfort and they may also think that ur not so mature to handle difficult situations…..!
      by the end maturity matters at ssb interviews!

    • Are you perhaps talking about mangas?
      Last time I wrote reading mangas as my hobby,the IO didn’t knew what magas were and took my hobby as reading.lol
      so just write reading as your hobby and explain it to him exactly what you read.


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