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What matter in PIQ Form?


Personal Information Questionnaire is a form which is made to be filled by the candidates when they get screened in after the first round. It is a form which contains various columns which help the psychologist to form a basis of the personality of the candidate and the Interviewing officer to form the basis of the personal interview. After knowing that this form is of a huge need for the officers to assess you, I am sure you must have got an idea of the importance that this form holds. Since the psychologist can only judge you on the basis of this form and your answer script of the tests, you need to be careful while filling this up. Also your interview can be totally based on this form, and if not also, then too it plays a major role in your interview, as the officer will form a skeleton of your personality fairly on the basis of this form. If you want to know the details about how to fill this form, and what this form contains you can read up on the same from our website, as we have a number of articles guiding you on the same. Here however I am going to tell you what matters in the PIQ Form.

You should take a note from here on that your handwriting and neatness matter a lot. First impressions last and your handwriting will form the first impression in this case. However this article deals majorly with the content, as in which columns matter the most in the PIQ form. To begin with the specifics matter, which means that you need to be an aware person, awareness here refers to your surroundings. So you must be in a position to write the approximate population of the city you mention in your address. Similarly your parents occupation, salary, your percentage and all these things. Basically information is power, and here you need to fill in the correct information. You may wonder how can they know whether you are telling the truth or not, its your personal information. But they know, they’ll know somehow, even if they don’t why would you risk your chances on that?

Your achievements matter. If you don’t have any, just recall everything, I am sure you’ll find something. PIQ form ssbEverybody is good in something. You need to list your achievements in chronological manner, write the year too. You can begin with the latest and end with the oldest or vice versa. However if you have too many achievements then avoid writing very trivial one’s as it may dilute the effect of the bigger one’s. Next thing which matter the most in PIQ is your position of responsibility held. This is a major one as it shows how responsible you were, which reflects your sincerity and leadership skills. You have to fill this one. This does not need to be a major one, if you have never held any position of responsibility then write trivial one’s like “managed a function in home/society”. I hope you get the idea. But do write something and do not make up things and write. IO will ask you questions based on this so never lie. If you have certificates to back up, then it is the best deal.

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