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15 People You Never Knew Were Fauji Brats

Becoming a Fauji is the most cherished dream of many of us. Faujiness not only makes you a warrior but the people around you too. If you are born in a military household you can vouch for the fact that, the upbringing which you receive is unparalleled. The discipline, lifestyle, the chivalrous attitude and of course the charm which Fauji brats inherit is just worth admiring. Here we present to you a list of successful Fauji brats who have made an indelible mark in the hearts of people.

15 People You Never Knew Were Fauji Brats

  1. Akshay Kumar, Yes now we come to know from where these heroics and stunts come from. Khiladi Fauji BratsKumar (Rajiv Bhatia) is the son of a retired Army Officer Hari Om Bhatia. Probably this is the reason he loves doing patriotic and action oriented films.
  2. Arnab Goswami, Yes now the nation comes to know from where you get such energy to speak for inordinately long hours. This celebrated TV anchor is the son of a retired Army Officer and is born and brought up in the same environment.
  3. Anushka Sharma, Good looks are a given when you have such strong background. The gorgeous actress is the daughter of Col. Ajay Kumar Sharma.
  4. Arjun Rampal, You aren’t hailed as a super model just like that. The enamouring attitude comes from his maternal grandfather Brig. Gurdayal Singh. The prowess of Brig Gurdayal was such that he has a gun named after him known as ‘Gurdayal Gun’.
  5. Priyanka Chopra, No prizes for guessing that this internationally acclaimed star is from the defense family. She is the daughter of Lt. Col (Dr) Ashok Chopra.
  6. Preity Zinta, This pretty woman will blow you away by her smile. She gets her lovely genes from father Durganand Zinta, retired military officer.
  7. Jeev Milkha Singh, and you thought this professional golfer who become the first Indian to secure a place in the European tour was just another player on the ground. He is the Son of the most celebrated Indian Athlete of all time, Milkha Singh.
  8. Rannvijay Singh, Yes the man whom you admire on television is also an army brat. To top it all, he has great regard for the military and has cleared an SSB too.
  9. Karan Thapar, It will certainly raise some eyebrows but this boisterous TV anchor who is known for his straight talk is the youngest son of General PN Thapar.
  10. Lara Dutta, It was probably an easy one right? Winner of Miss Universe 2000 is the daughter of Wg Cdr. L.K. Dutta.
  11. Arun Sarin, Military brats also make a mark outside of the TV industry. Arun being the son of a retired Military Officer became the CEO of Britain’s Vodafone Group. Now that’s what you call a champion.
  12. Cyrus Sahukar, Yes the man who tickles your funny bone every time is the son of Col. Behram Sahukar. He was born in the Military hospital of the MHOW cantonment.
  13. Renuka Chowdhary, and you thought people from political background only could enter politics. The seasoned politician who held key portfolios during the UPA regime hails from a rich military background.
  14. Sushmita Sen, now it is proved that a military background guarantees charm and charisma. The Miss Universe 1994 winner is the daughter of Wg Cdr. Shubeer Sen of the Indian Air force.
  15. Sabeer Bhatia, A name to reckon with in the American Business Industry who co-founded Hotmail has the coveted tag of being a Military Brat. He is the son of Captain (Hon) Baldev Bhatia.

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Well people, this sums up the story for today. Wasn’t it intriguing to know about people from the military background? All I can say is that when your parents are so disciplined and focused, you naturally tend to be like them. So, I hope this will further steel your resolve to join the forces. Till then it is a goodbye, stay Fit, and stay Focused. JAI HIND

Vardaan Parashar
Vardaan Parasharhttps://ssbcrack.com/
Apart from being a defence enthusiast, I have great zeal towards patriotic and welfare activities. I hail from a rich defence background with my dad being a retired commandant in the Indian Coast Guard. I am currently pursuing Mechanical Engineering and wish to join DRDO one day.
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