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LECTURETTE – Women Empowerment

India is a nation where women are equalized with the goddess. According to the Vedas, they are the base of the human race. A woman plays an important role in maintaining an entire family and sometimes the whole nation (former President Pratibha Patil). They have proved themselves in almost all fields and sectors. But their further empowerment is a matter of concern for the nation. Previous steps taken by government have strong impact on the situation. But the conditions are still worst in some areas, like safety of women is big point of concern for the government. India’s much praised tourism field that contributes in nation’s GDP has been affected a lot because of the unsafe environment for women India.

What does it mean?

The term women empowerment means an overall improvement of women. Here the term ‘overall’ means human rights, legal and education rights of women along with social enhancement of women. A completely safe and protected environment for women is a necessity of the country. The sense of Freedom is also a part of empowering the women.

Current status of Women

Acid attacks, rape, molestation, kidnapping and several other crimes have filled columns of newspapers. Several cases of the horrific attempt of rape and acid attacks have shivered the nation. Even molestation cases have also been flooded the media. Article 39D makes it mandatory for payment of equal money for same work done by any woman. Dowry Prohibition Act, Protection of Women from Domestic Violence Act, Sexual Harassment of Women at workplace Act are the laws framed by the government to safeguard the women in India. According to a study, it is revealed that women are easily trainable and are catchier than men. 1/3 seats of panchayat are reserved for women and 33% of seats of Lok Sabha and Legislative Assembly are reserved for women.LECTURATE-WOMEN-EMPOWERMENT

Steps were taken to improve the status

Well, according to the current scenario more tough rules and laws are required for overcoming the crimes and more broad schemes and plans can power up the women in this nation. Several loopholes in law make the prosecution more complicated. Recently launched schemes like Beti Bachao Beti Padhao, Bhagyashri Yojna and some other were launched widening the gate for women in the social involvement. Another challenge for India is to make the women population a part of development. Women have proved several good results (Arundhati Batachrya, Indra Gandhi, etc). Not only this, our cultural and traditional values also made some complication in the task. These need to be changed a bit to release women form the traps.


“We all cannot succeed if half of us are held back” the golden words by Malala Yousafzai, describes the reality of the world. The place of women in the country need some focus and attention from government. The situation has changed a lot, many amendments and new laws have enhanced the condition. Some more steps in this area are required to make India a safe place for women. The development of the nation is only possible when communal efforts will be made.

Ravinder Tanwar
Ravinder Tanwarhttps://ssbcrack.com/
A resident of Jaipur. I am a KVian who is passionate to join Indian Defense Force. I started giving SSB from NDA. After completing my B.Tech in 2012, currently I am working as a Software Engineer in Jaipur in a private company, but the passion is still alive in my soul.
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  1. If Pratibha Patil and Indira Gandhi is what our country have achieved in the name #WomenEmpowerment….I would rather say #NoThanks


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