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Monday, October 18, 2021

10 Things To Remember On This Independence Day

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India is celebrating her 69th Independence Day today. Here is SSBCrack wishing all of you a very happy, splendid and fruitful Independence Day. Independent in so many ways though dependent in yet others, will we ever understand the real struggle that it takes to maintain this state of independence? We are reaching mars and still not school. We are creating world class medicines but still people are dying of simple diseases. Produce the best engineers, still the brain drain. The falling rupee, the rising corruption, increasing unemployment, decreasing honesty, enough money to go to Mac D but poor farmers. Doesn’t all of this makes you question that what is the state of freedom here? It is easy to blame the government, and others, but very difficult to get up and do something. Let us pledge on this independence day that we will do something.

  1. Do your part. Nobody is asking you to go and change the world. The least you can do is change yourself. Charity begins at home.
  2. Stop the blame game. May be the saying is old, but it is horribly true that if you want to change something, be that change.
  3. Till how long will you see 15th August as a holiday. Go out, do something. If nothing, at least help an elderly, teach something to a small kid, no matter how small, contribution matters.
  4. You love social media, are great with computers. Teach something to those who don’t know it. Don’t go too far, they are near you, your parents maybe, or grandparents or your neighbor.
  5. Don’t let the national flag lie on the ground, in the mud.
  6. The kid you just saw coming back from school, with sweets in his hand, tell him the importance of 15th August.
  7. Say thanks to the soldier you know, or their family. Freedom comes at great cost. Respect it.
  8. Think twice before expressing your views over the social media. The outrage it causes these days is incredible, make sure it is for the right cause.
  9. Post stuff over the social media, but before that do that thing in reality.
  10. Feel the pride. You are an Indian!

Wishing all a happy Independence Day. Hoping for a good year ahead.

indian army soldiers

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An ardent follower of Military, football. Loves to read. Writer by choice, computer professional by chance! And Dil toh fauji hai jee!!
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