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12 Tips For Developing Persuasion Skills

SSB success is just your evaluation revolving around the assessors of the selection board who can decide your fate to be in the armed forces. The assessors test you on various aspects and you are recommended only if all the three agrees that you are capable of being an officer. The tests are created in such a way that you can’t fake anything and only your true personality can be assessed.

Persuasion is the soft skill which most candidates exhibit during their GTO tasks like GD and Lecturette, and psychological tests like TAT, WAT, etc.

Thus persuasion skills will be particularly important for your success as a member of a team, when you will often have to gently and tactfully convince the others in the team to accept your point of view or suggestion.

Here I jot some proven persuasion techniques that you can use effectively in your daily interaction with others:

  1. Begin by establishing a rapport with the person with the person you are trying to persuade. Do not turn angry or turn the interaction into a confrontation.

  1. Try to look at what you want you want to persuade someone to do from their point of view. Ask yourself when in GD or group tasks, “Why should they cooperate with me?” and at the same time try to be correct. Don’t just ask them to do whatever you feel like even when you’re wrong.

  1. State clearly the advantages and benefits of doing something. This is most helpful when topics are suggestion based in lecturette.

  1. Support your request or suggestion with some valid arguments and proofs while in GD to avoid fish-market like situations.

  1. Provide facts and figures to get people to come round to your point of view.

  1. Appeal to people’s sense of justice and goodness. Don’t try to be a boss!

  1. Appeal to people’s emotions when you feel like doing so, is right for everyone concerned and that it will work.

  1. Listen carefully to what other person says. This will help you understand how they think ao that you can use other arguments to persuade them.

  1. Listen carefully to the tone of other person and observe his/her body language because this will tell you if he or she is, for example, against an idea, uncertain or open to a discussion. You can then change your strategy.

  1. Be polite and use the right words and body language.

  1. Do not threaten the person you are persuading with negative consequences.

  1. Do not manipulate people. Remember that your aim is to make someone look at something in a way that will benefit you without harming them in anyway.

Always try to use these tips in your daily lives so that you don’t have to struggle while in SSB. If you have any queries or questions, drop me a message through my social links below.12 Tips For Developing Persuasion Skills

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