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8 Common Fears Every Candidate Has During SSB Interview and How To Overcome Them


It is possible and perfectly normal to have certain fears regarding something you really want or love. For aspirants of the Armed Forces, getting recommended is one such thing, and thus it is perfectly normal to have fears related to SSB. Here we’ll be talking about the most common fears that every candidate has during SSB, we’ll also provide tips to overcome them.

1. Coaching: Many candidates have a fear of coaching. They feel that if they’ll tell that they took coaching it’ll have a negative impact on their selection chances. Hence they are confused whether or not they should tell about taking a coaching.

– How to overcome: If you are telling about taking a coaching, go ahead and tell them. It’ll never go against your selection. In fact it shows that you are serious and sincere enough to prepare well for your goal. Therefore do not have this fear of coaching.
2. Rejection: Most common fear amongst all of us. Not only for SSB but for a lot of aspects in our life. We fear rejection, as a human being which is a very common feeling. Candidates fear that they’ll not get selected.

– How to overcome: Even if you don’t get selected it is not the end of the world. You can try again with better preparation. However to not get rejected go with good preparation and have confidence in yourself, rest all leave it to time. Remember everything happens for a good reason.
3. Honesty: There can be two types of fears related to honesty. One is when a candidate is too honest to show his/her personality and one when he/she hides a considerable amount of information related to his/her own true behavior and shows himself/herself like someone else, commonly known as faking.

– How to overcome: Being honest is the one thing you should have as an officer. Though not on the OLQ’s yet honesty is very important, both for them and for you. However a little abstraction does no harm. Do not give out pointless details, speak and show only as much is required.
4. Stumped in interview: No matter how well prepared you are, you’ll most of the time have nightmare’s before the interview, just with a thought that you might be stumped in the interview. A very common situation in SSB, however has no connection with your selection.

– How to overcome: Prepare well for the interview, following the guidelines of the sources you trust. Remember one thing nobody has ever came out answering everything in a viva, or an interview. The technique of interview is such that they will check your level, and once you can’t answer that is your level. In SSB they are not checking your GK, hence be thorough with your personal stuff to answer. Also they see how you can answer the questions you don’t know.
5. GD/public speaking: Candidates might be shy in nature and thus feel that they’ll not be able to attend the GD properly or give the lecturette well.

– How to overcome: Practice is the only key. Have faith in yourself. Read a lot so that you have substantial points to speak. Stand in front of the mirror and practice.
6. Group: Candidates fear that they may not get a good group in SSB. This fear is specially with those who are a little introvert side.

– How to overcome: Having confidence on yourself is the way out. Talk to people in your group. Be nice to them. Everybody will like you.
7. Wrong answers: Psychology is not something all can understand. Yet candidates fear that the answers they gave in psychology are wrong. Or they have not attempted enough in psychology.

– How to overcome: There is nothing wrong or right in psychology. You just have answer keeping in mind your personality. Remember every answer represents you. Answer such that it has some depiction some OLQ related to you. Quality matters not quantity.
8. Being under surveillance all the time: Some candidates feel, and I find it funny that they are being monitored evey second. The way they walk, talk or do anything causes rejection or selection. Some even fear taking medicines and going to MI room fearing that this will be a cause of rejection. Some feel even outside there are agents who come and tell about them.

– How to overcome: Your results are decided based on your performance in the tests conducted. Maintain the decorum and have fun.

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