Monetary Benefits To A Gallantry Award Winner

Every thought of what are the monetary and other benefits associated with various gallantry awards? In simple words, how much allowance is given to a gallantry award winner [PVC, AC, KC, SC]. Allowance is an additional money given to a soldier per month. Let’s see how much GOI pay our soldiers after winning awards like Param Veer Chakra.

The details of the monetary allowance paid to award winners are as follows:-

Monetary Benefits To A Gallantry Award Winner






*The various state governments also disburse monetary allowances or land in lieu of cash, to their state domiciled gallantry/distinguished service awardees.

So what do you think, do you think this is enough for our real life heroes. Put your comments below.Monetary Benefits To A Gallantry Award Winner

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  1. Rohit Mukherjee

    · Permalink

    nothing can buy a sacrifice of our real hero..there is so many other option to earn a huge money but they choose to die for motherland. it can’t be measured by a money, simply money has no power to buy them.

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