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AFCAT And EKT List Of Non Evaluated Candidates

With the result of AFCAT 2 2015 and EKT 2015, Indian air force has also published the list of non-evaluated candidates. There are total 960 and 1138 candidates for AFCAT and EKT who are under NE category which means their mark sheets or OMR sheets are not evaluated by the Indian air force due to some reasons which are unknown right now.

Possible reasons:

  1. Tampering with the bar code of OMR sheet.
  2. Not attending EKT exam after AFCAT.
  3. Loss of OMR sheets or no submission.AFCAT And EKT List Of Non Evaluated Candidates

It’s  strange that Indian air force has not revealed the reason for not evaluating the OMR sheets of so many aspirants. We hope they will tell the reason soon so that in future aspirants will be more careful while writing the AFCAT and EKT.

What can you do if your name is in the list? Try to contact the AFCAT cell, you will find the contact details on the official career website of Indian Air Force.

Will they check OMR sheet again? Mostly no, the same thing happened in last AFCAT also and there were no re-evaluation as such. But, hope for the best.

AFCAT List Of Non Evaluated Candidates

EKT List Of Non Evaluated Candidates


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