How To Prepare For AFSB Interview 2016

Air force candidates are preparing hard for their upcoming SSB. Preparing is a good thing, but preparing smartly is a matter of fact. Candidates must follow some points while preparing for SSB, especially for AFSB. All air force aspirants are now relaxed after appearing in AFCAT examination. Now get up and prepare for your previous AFCAT’s SSB and new candidates should start preparing for their upcoming SSBs. For preparing, you need to go through some basic points to map your preparation. Following points will help you in preparing for your AFSB interview more effectively.

  1. Brush-up your knowledge – GD and interview constitute a significant part of happenings in nation and world. Social media, news channels, print media etc. can enhance your knowledge. Jat reservation, GST, Rafale and S-400 deal, defence acquisition, economic survey, ISIS links in India, Syria peace deal, F-16 deal of US-Pakistan etc. are the hot topics in news.
  2. Amend your daily routine – Change your daily routine and arrange timing for your hobbies, interests, basic physical exercise etc. your routine on working days and weekends is generally asked in interview. Your strict daily routine leaves impact over your psychology and also helps in improving your discipline.
  3. Focus on your hobbies and interests – Your hobbies and interests are to be analysed again. Focus on them and aspects related to them. Give time to your interests, why do you like doing that activity, what you have done yet, how much have this affected your life and is it productive or not. Try to get deep into your hobbies and interests and follow them keenly.
  4. Increase social involvement – To learn basic social etiquettes, get involved in social activities and increase your social experience with friends, society and outer world. This will improve your communication skill, confidence in speaking in a group and will also bolster your views sharing ability among unknown people.
  5. Work over communication skill – Your communication skill matters a lot as it is the medium of transfer of your views and thoughts. Now the question here is how to refigure communication skill. Talking to friends in English, listening to English news, reading the newspaper will increase your English speaking ability. Try to speak to the point, talk decently and always keep a positive phase of everything while talking.
  6. Expand your thinking power – Psychology tests are all about your mentality, thinking and versatility in views. This can be achieved by expanding your thinking area. Whenever you encounter any social problem, try to find out different ways of solving it. Your social experience matters a lot and wide range of ideas and solutions makes mind to think more over day to day problems.How To Prepare For AFSB Interview 2016
  7. Start practicing for interview – Preparing for personal interview is a necessary task. The type of questions asked in SSB is almost same. But the time in the interview is consumed in probing your replies. So prepare for personal interview and practice it again and again.
  8. Physical exercise – Being physically fit and active leaves good impact over GTO. Your stamina is checked in GTO and is a required factor in SSB. Running, doing some basic exercise, skipping etc. will increase your stamina up to a decent level.
  9. Don’t repeat previous mistakes – Repeaters are strictly advised to check and work over their previous mistakes. It is not a bad thing to make mistakes. But it is worst to repeat them again and again. Firstly, stop blaming SSB crew for your rejection. Observe and introspect. There must be something lacking in you. Find it, eradicate it and reach the required level.

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Work hard, focus on your aim and prepare. Remember “nothing is impossible”

All the best to all aspirants.

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