16 IMA Gentlemen Cadets Demoted For Ragging Juniors

16 IMA Gentlemen Cadets Demoted. The Indian Military Academy has taken one of its strictest disciplinary actions against 16 under-training gentlemen cadets of the spring 2016 batch.

The cadets beat up their juniors and took objectionable pictures, for which they have been ordered to repeat the six-month course.

A senior official of the academy confirmed that the cadets had been “relegated to the next junior course” as they were found “violating the academy’s standing orders and breaking discipline”.

In military terminology, relegation means demotion, and the cadets would now pass out of the academy in December this year instead of June.

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The atmosphere at the Indian Military Academy has been tense since last week after 16 gentlemen cadets of the spring 2016 batch were informed that they had been demoted for improper conduct with their juniors.

It was one of the rare instances when so many cadets have been given such a strict punishment. An academy official told TOI that the punishment was aimed at sending out a strong message to all cadets. “There is zero tolerance for any indiscipline in the IMA,” he asserted.

A senior cadet, on condition of anonymity, claimed that the punishment was “unjustified”. “Every year, juniors study under the mentorship of the seniors in the initial months. This is as per the academy’s traditions, and the mentors are allowed to give punishments to their juniors,” he alleged.

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