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5 Daily Hacks To Inculcate Officer Like Quality

Hello Aspirants, like we always say being an officer is not a one day trick but a way of living. There some simple day to day activities which can make us be the officer like way. Here are few :


  1. Being on time: Punctuality is a default trait of any officer. In the forces timing is a very crucial entity and therefore it is practised in simple ways such as being on time, fixing hard deadlines.
  2. Being socially responsible: When you want to serve for the country it is important you take care of it, therefore, simple things like making use of dustbin and not throwing around, enforcing the same on your friends, engaging in social activities etc .
  3. Staying true to your word: When you make a commitment make sure you stick to it no matter what. This can be getting a work done or getting someone something .An officer will never break a commitment.
  4. Perform a hard workout session: Work outs are not only about keeping yourself fit but also about building mental strength. When you do a hard workout session your emotions such as aggression, never give up attitude, the will to go on when tired, pushing beyond the limit all these are put to test thus also build your character like that of an officer.
  5. Being Part of social organisation or Team activities: An officer is essentially a team player who can command as well as work with people. In order to build this trait, it is advisable for aspirants to take up group works and enhance their working with people.

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These are few simple hacks that we thought can make us officer like in our daily routine what are your thoughts and situations that you can think of to act like An officer in our daily lives, comment on and help build officers!

Vignesh Krishnan
Vignesh Krishnan
A Happy go lucky engineering grad currently working as a freelancer and preparing for defense exams. Apart from that am an avid trekker, marathon runner and a patriot.
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