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7 Points to Know About ‘Exercise Chakravyuh-II’


In a follow up to ‘Exercise Shatrujeet’ by the Strike Corps (Strike One) last month, the pivot formations held the fortnight-long military training exercise codenamed “Exercise CHAKRAVYUH-II” which concluded on Tuesday, 10th May in Suratgarh, Rajasthan.
Here are the 7 points to know about this exercise:

1. The exercise was held by the pivot formations of the Indian Army and involved rapid mobilisation and execution of plans in sync with the Air Force in the desert terrain and was declared a success.

2. The exercise aimed to validate the battle readiness and operational effectiveness of the pivot formation and RAPID division along with all its affiliated components.

3. The exercise, envisaged mechanised manoeuvres in the entire spectra of new generation weapons, platforms & systems employed in areas where rapid development and urbanisation along the border is predominant.

4. It has provided an opportunity to all commanders in planning and conducting large scale operations in an integrated theatre environment along with IAF. It mainly included fighter ground attack aircrafts, unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), attack helicopters, remotely piloted vehicles and communication helicopters.

5. During the exercise, intelligence, surveillance, reconnaissance and communication systems were put to test in a network-centric battlefield environment duly supported by enabling operational logistics.

6. Improved mobility, inventory management techniques and the extensive use of information technology, so as to ensure that logistics keep pace with the fast paced operational environment, was also validated during the exercise.

7. The “two-sided” exercise had elements depicting opposing forces to add realism in planning and execution and was conducted in various phases to test the operational readiness and the battle efficiency of various elements of the modern day battle field.

No casualty has been suffered so far. It came as good news because the realistic scenario of Exercise Shatrujeet suffered 3 casualties last time. With this, India is all set to, sorry to say the unsaid, see the face of war with Pakistan.

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