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30 SSB Interview Technical Questions For EEE/ECE Engineering Student

Electrical and Electronics engineering students who are going to attend the SSB interview of EKT exam can check these basic technical questions which they might face in SSB personal interview and in EKT (AFCAT). What technical questions have you faced in your SSB interview? Do comment below.


1.    What is the name of the pressure that moves electrons in a closed circuit? – Voltage
2.    A series circuit schematic is recognized because all the components are connected – end to end in a “string”
3.    A parallel circuit is also used as a divider for – current
4.    Which activity did we discover what objects are conductors and what objects are non-conductors? – Solid Conductors
5.    A resistor and an output capacitor form a series circuit with a square wave applied. The circuit is – an integrator
6.    Series RLC impedance or voltage totals must always be calculated by – adding values vectorially
7.    Which type of transformer is required to create a 180 degree input to a rectifier? – Centre-tapped secondary
8.    A non-volatile type of memory that can be programmed and erased in sectors, rather than one byte at a time is – flash memory
9.    Which is not an analog-to-digital (ADC) conversion error – differential nonlinearity
10.    The selector inputs to an arithmetic-logic unit (ALU) determine the – arithmetic or logic function
11.    What happens to the parallel output word in an asynchronous binary down counter whenever a clock pulse occurs? – The output word decreases by 1.
12.    The 555 timer can be used in which of the following configurations – astable, monostable
13.    Which device would best aid in shorted track detection- current tracer
14.    Which type of PLD should be used to program basic logic functions – PAL
15.    The number of bits used to store a BCD digit is – 4
16.    A transistor may be used as a switching device or as a – variable resistor
17.    Which type of test equipment is used to measure resistors – ohmmeter
18.    The magnitude that an alternation varies from zero is called its – amplitude
19.    An instrumentation amplifier has a high – CMRR
20.    Three different points are shown on a dc load line. The upper point represents the – saturation point
21.    The area enclosed between the straight line y = x and the parabola y = x2 in the x -y plane is- 1/6
22.    At x = 0, the function f (x) = x3+ 1 has – the point of inflection
23.    An unbiased coin is tossed three times. The probability that the head turns up in exactly two cases is- 3/8
24.    The no-load current drawn by transformer is usually what per cent of the full-load current? – 2 to 5 per cent
25.    What is the derivative of f (x) = |x\ at x = 0 ?- Does not exist
26.    The minimum number of flip-flops required to construct a mod-75 counter is- 7
27.    The frequency of oscillation of a tunnel-collector oscillator having L = 30µH and C = 300pf is nearby- 1677 kHz
28.    Consider the parallel RLC circuit having R = 1, L = 1H, C = 1F. What type of response will the circuit produce? – Under damped
29.    In an electric circuit, the dual of resistance is- conductance
30.    The ripple frequency from a full wave rectifier is- twice that from a half wave circuit.

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