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These Pics of Soldiers Braving Winter Will Bring You Out of Comfort Zone

It’s winter already and all we want to do these holidays is feel cosy in our warm blankets with a cup of hot chocolate in our hands tuning our favourite television show. While some of us have to stand in ATM queues and listen to all the BS stuff comparing the line with soldiers standing at the border, some of us really know the sacrifice, that it is real. Because;

winter 1
Soldiers do not wait in line to withdraw money, they brave enemies
winter 2
People do die in long queues, but only a soldier can die in it proudly
winter 4
So proud that they even become a part of it
winter 3
Because for them, their fellow mate is their currency, their barter
winter 14
And yet, they never give up. Because that’s what they volunteered to do
winter 10
Knowing that they will get ration only during the summer, when the snow is melted and roads are clear
winter 12
And will only have enough fuel to last just a month
winter 9
and that they can only go home when they are satisfied with their duty
winter 13
because who cares if it is sub-zero temperature when it is adventurous
winter 5
and risky at the same time


winter 7
or when you get to explore glaciers, one after the other

winter 11


winter 13
no one there is a Hindu or a Muslim, he is just a soldier, fighting for his country
winter 6
and developing it simultaneously
winter 8
Be proud to be one behind them, if not one among them
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