ACC Cadets Neeraj Negi and Saurabh – Motivational Masterpiece for Young Aspirant

ACC passing out parade has just taken place last month at IMA and some outstanding motivational points have been observed in the event. ACC is the opportunity served to the soldiers serving in the Armed Forces and help them to justify their talent and make it useful for the nation.

“The shine of diamond can never hide in the presence of light.”

The proverb matches the story of Neeraj Negi, the gold medallist of Army Cadet College. A good example of hard work has been observed in IMA, when Neeraj Negi, son of an operator in HMT Company, receipted gold medal at the graduation ceremony at ACC. Resident of Haldwani, Uttarakhand, Neeraj fought with all odds and successfully turned his dreams into reality. Saurabh completed his schooling from saint Theresa school and joined the Indian air force in 2011.

Another similar story belongs to the Saurabh, who grabbed the silver medal at the graduation ceremony. Saurabh’s father works in catering but Saurabh went up over it, prepared his mind and stepped toward IMA. But his unmatched struggle paid him what he always dreamt. Belonging  to West Bengal, his family wanted him to share the work of his father, but his father supported him to serve the nation. After that he joined AMC and now became a part of IMA. ACC gives similar chance to hidden officers serving in the Armed Forces at lower ranks and route them toward the leading life. These soldiers cover the distance between trenches to the zenith by their self-motivation and determined aim.

Another hero who came out from the crowd is Inderjeet, whose father was a small businessman. He joined AMC in 2005 and after an, year he lost his father. But he stood firm and reached to his aim. Service Silver Medal winner Chetan Thappa, a resident of Nepal earned the uniform and continued the legacy succeeded to him by his father Sher Singh Thappa. Jai Kumar Dikshit, the bronze medal winner and topper of science stream had joined Indian navy in 2005. he faced a turn in life when he lost his father in 2010.

Both the officers confirmed that hard work, dedication and struggle can take you to your dream, no matter how far you are or how tough would be your journey. When you have that vision with ambition in your mind, you become strong enough to find alternate routes to approach your aim and get it at any cost. These two officers are an example of it, but there are several other examples also, who either have passed out from the academy or are under training in the academy. They always teach us the lesson of never giving up and approaching aim with full efforts.


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