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GuestSSB Interview ExperienceHow I Cracked NDA SSB Interview In 1st Attempt

How I Cracked NDA SSB Interview In 1st Attempt

Hello, I am Bhushan and I belong to Nagpur, Maharashtra. This was my first attempt for SSB at 11 SSB Allahabad after my 4th attempt for written which I cleared for NDA 138. I passed my class 12th in the year 2016 and was preparing for my JEE entrance exam which i never wanted to do but went with engineering as a back up.

After written results were announced i consulted my friend who got recommended for 137 course of NDA and he suggested me to go for coaching so I took coaching for SSB. As it was my first SSB i was really confused but as i always wanted to become a Army Officer i took no chance and was preparing for my SSB with full dedication. Our reporting was on 17 Jan and we got our documents verified that day.


OIR was easy and i answered every question in that as it had no negative marking. Next was PPDT and the picture shown to us was very hazy but i wrote a story on a college boy who helps a lady. My narration was not EXCELLENT but GOOD and discussion was a fish market. 

I was able to complete all stories in TAT and attempted all words in WAT, 42 SRT’s and completed my SD, so i was satisfied with my psyc test.

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We had a healthy GD the fish market thing was still there but not that much and it was ok. Next we had GPE and i was able to finish my individual plan and we our successfully gave our group plan. My lecturette did not go well and i spoke for only 2 minutes. Rest everything i performed good in my GTO series.

nda ssb
Me with +

My interview was held on 4th day after GTO and it was good except the part he embarrassed me when he asked me about my favourite subj i said CS and Physics. His first ques was what is bubblesort and i was like what just happened because i was not expecting that but i answered somehow about sorting but he said bhushan this is sorting just tell me what is bubble sort that time i said i don’t know sir then he was smiling and i was also smiling on my foolishness but i prepared ques related to myself so i was confident when he was asking those questions.

After my interview i thought that i would not get recommend so i informed my parents that i might not get recommend due to that fav subj part so i told them to d my reservation and my father said i’ll not do it and don’t wry you’ll make it.

Now we went on with a horrible closing address but during conference i was asked how was my stay, then i was asked that which technique i think that i need to improve on ? So i said Sir, Interview. So he asked me why ? so i said that there were some questions i was not able to answer so he asked me to pick one ques and answer it so i did it. The last question was any suggestions to improve the facilities here. I said no and my conference was over.

As i heard that the one whose conference is not long he is either recommended or not recommended so i thought i will not make it and when during the result the officer asked that who thinks they will make it raise their hand everybody raised their hands except me.
But when i he announced the result chest no. 23. I stood up called my roll no and name and was very happy. 

 SSBCrack has been always motivated me and it plays equal role in my success as i used to practice my psyc from it thank you for all the suggestions and motivation.
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