IMA 143 SSB Interview Dates CDS (II) 2016 SSB Dates [UPDATED]

Soon Indian army will publish the list of candidate who have cleared the CDS 2 2016 written exam and opted for IMA 143 course, they will go through the 5 days SSB interview and medical examination.

Indian army website will publish the centre allotment list forIMA 143 SSB interview and IMA 143 SSB dates. Candidates who have cleared CDS (II) 2016 written exam and opted for IMA as their first choice will be facing IMA 143 SSB interview at Allahabad, Bhopal and Bangalore. IMA 143 SSB dates are being released and candidates can find the latest update on IMA 143 ssb interview here.

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IMA 143 SSB Interview Dates

SSB Interview Dates for IMA 143

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