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Meet Captain Elisen Of Nagaland Saved A Kidnapped Civilian By Killing Two Terrorists

Captain Elisen Y Jami launched a special operation in the jungles adjoining Aghunato village in Zuneboto district of Nagaland on 31 October 2015. After negotiating thick jungles and treacherous mountains, the party reached the area of operations on 02 November 2015 at 0400 hrs. At 0530 hours, the party noticed and challenged a suspiciously moving Tata Sumo moving on a track, following which the party came under effective fire from the vehicle.

Sensing danger to his party and realizing the presence of a kidnapped civilian in the vehicle, Captain Jami, with utter disregard to his personal safety, while exposing himself drew fire upon himself, engaged one terrorist and shot him dead. Shocked by his audacious action, the rest of the terrorists started to flee towards the adjoining jungles firing indiscriminately.

Despite under fire, exercising utmost restraint and tact, Captain Jami secured the kidnapped civilian and thereafter pursued the fleeing terrorists along with his JCO, closed on to their position and personally shot down the second terrorist at close range.

Captain Elisen
Captain Elisen Y Jami displayed act of gallantry with utmost restraint while under fire resulting in saving the kidnapped civilian.

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