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10 Tips To Crack Territorial Army Exam

“One’s a soldier is always a soldier”. The armed forces provide several opportunities to induct officer like personalities. One of those is Territorial Army that is open for the aspirants of age up to 42 years. Territorial Army examination is scheduled on 30th July, 2017 and several armed forces aspirants are expected to attend the exam. The exam is just a few weeks ahead and candidates are preparing for the exam. Firstly below is the exam pattern of the exam.


Exam pattern –

S. No. Paper Sections Questions Marks
1 Paper – 1 Reasoning + Mathematics 50 +50 = 100 50 +50 = 100
2 Paper – 2 G.K + English 50 +50 = 100 50 +50 = 100

Examination Date :30 Jul 2017

Reporting time07:00 am

Paper-1 10:00 to 12:00 noon

Paper-2 02:00 to 04:00 pm

Like every exam, this exam also needs a strategy to clear. For that, here are some tips that will help aspirants in scoring more in the exam.

  1. Score maximum in all – The sectional cut-off is the point to concern in the exam. So make sure you pass in all the sections individually, without neglecting any of the section.
  2. Score high in your best section – There are 4 sections in the Territorial exam. Reasoning, Mathematics, G.K., and English. Try to score more in the subject in which you have a good grab.
  3. Reasoning level can be easily covered – The level of the reasoning paper is average and sometimes easy. The candidates need basic observation and differentiation knowledge to solve the question. Do some prior practice to maintain your score. So for reasoning, just observe and solve.
  4. Mathematics need pace – Maths section in the Territorial Army needs a high speed of solving the problems. This section comes with average complexity and candidates can easily solve the problems using basics of mathematics.
  5. Mind the total cut off – Not only just sectional cut off, the total cut off of the exam is also crucial. The candidate has to score above it. So don’t just stay average in all. Score as much as you can.
  6. GK contains diverse question – The 50 questions from GK comes from diverse topics covering all, science, history, economics, etc. Keeping a level hold in all is the requirement of clearing the exam.
  7. English need practice – Analysis of the T.A. question paper 2016, English brought hurdles to many aspirants due to a high level of questions. Practice for it, solve the sample papers, previous year papers and start reading English newspaper, periodicals, magazines to excel your knowledge.
  8. Don’t stuck on tough questions – There might be some questions that will stuck you. Move to the next question without wasting time. If you get sufficient time after solving the paper, go to those tough questions and solve them.
  9. Don’t go beyond your knowledge – The exam has negative marking rule that can reduce your marks in case you try to tick the questions beyond your knowledge and gamble over the questions.
  10. Check before you mark – The exam doesn’t have any OMR sheets. The candidates have to put down his correct option in the printed sheet by writing A, B, C, and D in the space ahead of the question number. Stay clear and precise to your answers.

Conclusion – The exam will have the average level of difficulty. Candidates need to prepare for it in the time available till the exam. The above tips will help you in getting the overview of the exam and making your strategy to attempt the exam. Prepare for it and take benefit of it with all your efforts.

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