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10 Solid Tips To Crack CDS Exam

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The armed forces aspirants have several opportunities to join their dream service. But NDA and CDS are those opportunities which give the option of choosing any of the three services through a single door. CDS exam is just a few months ahead and the candidates would be preparing for it. Time is less and the work to do is more. But working strategically and preparing smartly can make the work. Below are some tips that will help the aspirants in clearing CDS  exam.


10 Solid Tips To Crack CDS Exam

  1. Prepare for your best subject – The candidates must prepare for those subjects over which they have a good hold. The General Ability paper is a mixture of questions from almost all subjects. It is hard to score maximum in G.A. But for keeping a moderate performance in it, the candidates must give their best to the questions of their subjects, which they have studied in graduation or 12th.
  2. Keep one paper as scoring – The three papers i.e. English, G.A., and Mathematics should be tackled strategically. Keep at-least one paper as scoring and try to score above the sectional cut-off in the other two.
  3. Antonyms and Synonyms are also scoring – The Antonyms and Synonyms in the English section are always seen as a hurdle and candidates usually leave them due to lack of knowledge. Rather they should prepare for it as these are the easiest thing and can be prepared very easily by commemorating 4-5 antonyms and synonyms per day.
  4. Current Affairs are the key – The current affairs of last 4-5 months in the scoring part of the G.A. These are the prefixes and are easily available in periodicals or date provided over the internet. So preparing them can raise the score in General abilities.
  5. Stay away from questions out of aptitude – The negative marking of 1/3 can bring the score down. So candidates must not tick those questions which are out their knowledge. Just mark those on which you have confidence.
  6. Score more in the simple parts – There are simple parts in all the three papers. Like passages and sentence rearrangements in English, some basic question in GK and some easy calculative question in Mathematics. Try to give your best in those parts.
  7. Stay cool in GS paper – The G.S. paper is the most critical part of the exam. Most of the candidates loose the opportunity of CDS due to the G.S. paper as English and Mathematics are not too hard to attempt and scoring above the cutoff is not too hard in these 2 papers. The candidates must pay attention to this paper and must fight for every mark in this paper.
  8. Practice for Mathematics – Mathematics is all about your written practice. Several types of questions are framed over a single formula. These can only be solved if you have a prior practice of it. Try to solve maximum questions in given time.
  9. Sample papers and previous year papers – The previous year papers and sample papers of the UPSC exams – CDS, NDA and CAPF exams will give you the hint of the types of questions that you will face in the CDS exam. Sometimes these questions are repeated. In that case, it will be your plus point.
  10. Time management – The time in English is appropriate to complete the entire paper. While in the case of GK, the time is much more than required to solve it. Mathematics paper need time management as the paper has a lot of calculation to do and the question belongs to a long list of topics. So manage time as per your aptitude, preparation, and knowledge.cds exam book

Conclusion – Smart preparation rules over bulk preparation. There is a need to make a strategy for the exam. The opportunity always considered as the best due to less crowd in screening, more chances of recommendation and a good count of vacancies. So, those who are waiting for this opportunity, need to work harder and smarter and make it this time.

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