1000 Latest GK Questions For CDS / NDA / AFCAT

Candidates who are going to face CDS NDA and AFCAT exam soon can go through these GK questions with answers. All defence exams consist of a good number of GK questions, we also suggest candidates to read current affairs and general knowledge questions on a daily basis as GK is something you can not prepare in short time. If you want us to post such questions regularly, do comment below. 


NOTE: There are few mistakes in these questions, we apologises for that, we request you to double check the answers in case of doubt.

1000 Latest GK Questions For CDS / NDA / AFCAT

1. Where did Lord Buddha receive the knowledge? Bodhgaya 
2. Who founded the Arya Samaj? Swami Dayanand 
3. What is the script for Punjabi language? Gurumukhi 
4. What is the southernmost edge of India’s mainland? Kanyakumari 
5. In which state of India first Sun is released? Arunachal Pradesh 
6. Insulin is used in the treatment of which disease? Diabetes 
7. Bihu is the famous festival of which state? Assam 
8. Which vitamins are abundant in Amla? Vitamin C 
9. Who was the first Governor General of India? William Bantric 
10. In which country was the invention of paper? China 
11. What was the name of Gautam Buddha’s childhood? Siddhartha 
12. Who is the supreme commander of the Armed Forces in India? President
13. Which vitamin deficiency is due to lack of vitamins? Vitamin A 
14. Pongal is the festival of which state? Tamil Nadu 
15. Giddha and Bhangra are the folk dances of which state? Punjab 
16. Who invented the television? John Logie Baird 
17. Who was the first female ruler of India? Razia Sultan 
18. With whose help the breath breathes? Gillafar 
19. Who gave the slogan of ‘Inklab Zindabad’? Bhagat Singh 
20. When and where did Jallianwala Bagh massacre? In 1919 AD, Amritsar, 
21. In 1939, after which the Congress left Subhas Chandra Bose founded the party? Forward Block 
22. Who is called ‘Punjab Kesari’? Lala Lajpat Rai 
23. Who killed Sanders? Bhagat Singh 
24. Who gave his sacrifice in the rebellion of 1857 AD? Mangal Pandey
25. Who was the first woman governor of India? Sarojini Naidu 
26. Who was the first woman to climb Mt. Everest twice? Santosh Yadav 
27. ‘Brahma Samaj’ was founded by whom? Raja Rammohan Roy 
28. What was the original name of Swami Dayanand Saraswati? Moolshankar 
29. Who gave the slogan ‘ Lot to the Vedas’? Dayanand Saraswati 
30. Who founded the ‘Ram Krishna Mission’? Swami Vivekananda 
31. When did Vaskodigama come to India? 1498 AD 
32. Where was Waskodigama supposed to live? Portugal 
33. Where is the Hawa Mahal located? Jaipur 
34. Which Sikh guru is the founder of Sikh religion? Guru Nanak 
35. What is the main festival of Sikhs? Baisakhi 
36. What iron man is called ‘Iron Man’? Sardar Patel
37. What great leader is called Netaji? Subhash Chandra Bose 
38. What is the name of Samadhi of Delhi based Lal Bahadur Shastri? Vijay Ghat 
39. Who is the architect of Mahabharata? Maharishi Vedavas 
40. Who wrote a book called economics? Chanakya (Kautilya) 
41. Who gave the slogan ‘Jai Jawan, Jai Kisan’? Lal Bahadur Shastri 
42. Who was the permanent president of the Constituent Assembly? Dr. Rajendra Prasad 
43. Who was the president of the draft constitution committee? Dr. Bhimrao Ambedkar 
44. World’s Red Cross Day is celebrated on which date? 8 May
45. ‘Which country is famous for the Sunrise’ s country? Japan 
46. On which date is the International Women’s Day celebrated? 8 March 
47. What is the smallest state in India in terms of area? Goa
48. Onam is the famous festival of which state? Kerala 
49. When Delhi became the capital of India? 1911 
50. What is the brightest planet? Venus 
51. What is the national animal of India? Tiger 
52. What is the national bird of India? Peacock 
53. What is the national water body of India? Ganga Dolphin 
54. What is the national fruit of India? Common 
55. What is the national flower of India? Lotus 
56. What is the National Tree of India? Banyan 
57. What is the national sport of India? NONE 
58. What is the ratio in the length and breadth of India’s national flag? 3: 2 
59. Who wrote the national anthem of India? Rabindranath Tagore 
60. What is the national anthem of India? Jan Gan Man 
61. Who wrote the National Anthem of India? Rabindranath Tagore
62. Who first said Mahatma Gandhi to the Father of the Nation? Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose 
63. What is our national calendar? Saka Samvat 
64. What is the period of national anthem song? 52 seconds 
65. Who discovered the radioactivity? Henry Buckler 
66. Which part of the body is related to Paes Maker? Heart 
67. What is the body of the human body called ‘master granthi’? Piusa gland 
68. What is the most pure form of carbon? Diamond 
69. Who invented X-ray? Rantjan 
70. Which metal was first used by humans? Copper 
71. How does the astronaut appear to have outer air? Black 
72. Who invented the telescope? Galileo 
73. What is the name of Samadhi of Mahatma Gandhi in Delhi? Rajghat
74. Where did the first train in India go from? From Mumbai (Current Mumbai) to Thane 
75. In which city was the first metro rail service introduced in India? Kolkata 
76. Which Indian started the railroad in India? 1853 
77. Who were the first Indian astronauts? Squadron Leader Rakesh Sharma, in 1984, 
78. Who was the first woman Chief Minister of India? Mrs. Sucheta Kripalani 
79. Who was the first Chief Minister of Haryana? Pt. Bhagvat Dayal Sharma 
80. When was the United Nations established? 24 October 1945 
81. Where is the UN headquarters located? New York 
82. Who was the first Secretary-General of the United Nations? Trivedi 
83. How many countries are there from the United Nations at this time? 193 
84. How many countries are members of the UN Security Council? 15
85. How many countries are permanent members of the UN Security Council? 5 
86 Where is the international court located? In The Hague, Holland 
87. Who is the current Secretary-General of the United Nations? Ban-Ki-Moon 
88. Who were the Indians who gave speeches in Hindi at the UN General Assembly? Atal Bihari Vajpayee 
89. How many years are the temporary members of the UN Security Council elected? 2 years 
90. What country was the 193rd member of the United Nations? South Sudan 
91. Which vitamin deficiency does not stop the release of blood? Vitamin K 
92. When is Hindi day celebrated? September 14, 
93. Which article of the Constitution was declared Hindi as the national language? Article 343
94. Who is the only Indian to win gold medal in the Olympics? Abhinav Bindra 
95. How many years after the Olympic Games are held? 4 years 
96. Where will the Olympic Games be held in 2016? Rio de Janeiro 
97. International Day of Human Rights is celebrated? 10 December 
98. Which breed of buffalo is famous in Haryana? Murrah 
99. Where is the famous Shitala Mata Temple situated? Gurgaon 
100. Who made the huge Haryana party? Rao Virendra Singh 

Current Affairs questions will be from last 5-7 months (for AFCAT, NDA, CDS, TA)

101. How much area is the area of Haryana? 44212 
102. Who was the first Chief Minister of Haryana? P. Bhagwat Dayal Sharma 
103. Which country has landlord with most countries? China 
104. What is the indicator of rapid decline in barometric readings? Stormy
105. What is the name of Indian desert? Thar 
106. Kaziranga National Reserve is in which state? Assam 
107. In what direction does the earth rotate on its axis? Before west 
108. Ujjain is situated on the banks of which river? Shipra 
109. Which of the following metals is the best conductor of electricity? Silver 
110. What is found mainly in ‘Gobar Gas’? Methane 
111. “Freedom is my birthright and I will be taking it” Who said that? Lokmanya Tilak 
112. How long is the election of members of Rajya Sabha? Six years 113. What is the script for Hindi language? Devanagari 
114. What is the name of our galaxy? Milk Mekhla or Milky Way 
115. What was the first newspaper in Hindi language? Venerable martand
116. Which language of the Hindi language is written by Tulsidasit Ramcharitmanas? Awadhi 
117. Who are the rulers of Haryana? Uday Bhanu Hans 
118. 118. When and where did the modern Olympic Games begin? In Athens (Greece) in 1896, 
119. India has won 8 gold medals in the Olympics in which game? Hockey 
120. Where and when did the last gold medal in India be won by Hockey India? 1980 in Moscow 
121. How many years after the Olympic Games are held? 4 years 
122. Where is the headquarters of the International Olympic Committee located? Lausanne (Switzerland) 
123. Where did the Olympic Games take place in 2012? London 
124. How many shells are there in the Olympic flag? 5 
125. Who is the player to win the highest gold medal in an Olympics? Michael Phelps
126. Where will the Olympic Games be held in 2020? Tokyo (Japan) 
127. What is the name of Saina Nehwal, who won the bronze medal in the 2012 Olympics? Badminton 
128. What was the first time India participated in Olympic Games? 1900 
129. Who is the first Indian woman to win a medal in Olympic Games? Karnam Malleshwari 
130. Who gave the slogan “Back to the Vedas”? Maharishi Dayanand 
131. Who was the composer of the famous flag song “The flag being tall?” Shyamlal Gupta Councilor 

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NOTE: There are few mistakes in these questions, we apologises for that, we request you to double check the answers in case of doubt.

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