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AFCAT 1 2018 Question Paper Discussion [Memory Based]

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AFCAT 1 2018 exam was conducted by the CDAC on behalf of Indian air force on 25th Feb 2018 at multiple online centers in the country, though the exam was canceled at several places due to technical issues. Candidates who have applied for the AFCAT 1 2018 and successfully appeared for the AFCAT 1 2018 online exam today, now have to wait for the AFCAT 1 2018 result but we are still waiting for an official confirmation if the AFCAT 1 2018 will be conducted for everyone again or only for the candidates who were not able to take the exam on 25th Feb 2018. We have collected AFCAT 1 2018 original questions from the candidates as mentioned below. You will find AFCAT 1 2018 English Maths GK and Apptitude Question Papers and answer from them from shit-1 and shit-2.


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AFCAT 1 2018 Question Paper Discussion [Memory Based]

We are discussing the AFCAT 1 2018 questions here, if you remember some questions, do post them in the comment section below.

which years Asian games held in india..??
Badminton 4 back to back titles
When was modern Olympic started ?
INC sthapana divas
First modern olympics

Vasco de gama arrived at which port.. how many countries in asia..theyyam dance form of which state..biggest building of more
Establishment year of Indian national congress
What is the name of first artificial satellite of usa
How many countries are in asia
Tropic of cancer is passes from how many states of india
India Asian games are held in which two year..
Which is the highest building of mohanjodaro
India divided written by
How many states does tropic of cancer pass through
Speed of wind measured by
Largest place in Mohenjodaro
How many hurdles are there in 400m race?
Indian National record in long jump by whom?
kerala the dance
NATO Headquarter

Number of countries in Asia, first modern Olympics,

years in which India had hosted Asian games

current record is of ankit sharma

Tashkent agreement signed by Lalaji and ayub khan

Chenab dam on chenab

nato headquarter in Brussels (Belgium)

Headquater of NATO

Hurdle in 400 m race?

India divide written by?

Panchatantra is written by whom

Ryder cup is associated with which sport

1.when was inc founded?
2.pugilist is a term of player of whch game?
3.theyyam is a tradition of which state?
4.How many Hurdles in 400m race?
5.vasco de game came at which port city in india?
6.mohenjodaro biggest building?

In 1954 what were the deals occurred between India and Russia?

vishnu sharma an Indian author

Navy assigned a Mou with which of institute for oceanography ?

Ryder cup question both polo & golf were in the option?

Vaduz is the capital of which country

Who scored fastest 9000 runs?

Who wrote panchatantra?

Salal project on which river

Test for measuring hardness of minerals in water?

Modern Olympics held in which year?

First british factory established in india in which city?

First fifa world cup held in which year?

Guwahati is on the bank of which river?

Governor general of india during formation of indian national congress?

Who is author of ‘India divided’?

Tropic of cancer does not pass through which state?

Chakra in indian flag is taken from?

Author of ‘ sleeping on jupiter’ 

How many stakeholders in cauvery river dispute?

Find odd one out : question is 1)Plassey 2)haldighati 3) sarnath 4)panipat .

In 1954 which French settlements is joined to India ? Ans:: pondicherry

Indian navy latest mou sign with which company ? Ans : Tata

First woman in India won medal in long jump ?? Ans:: Anuj Bobby george

Who found American national red cross

Choose the odd one. a.Pink b.Green c.Blue d.Yellow.

1.Rank and file meaning 2.shape of crystal determined by? 3. Founder of red cross

If a man goes upstream 10km and comes down taking total time 55min. If the speed of stream is 2 km/hr. Then find the speed of man in still water.?

5/12 of what amount is equal to 3 mixed 3/4 of 100 ?

Which planet contain highest magnetic field?

What is the capital of Gabon?

How many countries in asia?

prime minister during the second nuclear test?

first sports person to recieve rajiv ghandi khel ratana ?

number of atom is same but number of neutron is different

Double fault related to which sport

1st Printing press in india

What is ecosystem

Alauddin Khilij’s market regulation

Idioms: To hit the road running , Take the cat out of the bag

Antonym Synonym: Panaceam Vacillate

Vaduz is capital of which country? 
Speed of wind is measured by?
When was Indian national congress established?
At Which port did Vasco d gama arrive in India?
Headquarter of NATO?

1. First setallite launched by USA?
2 HOW many countries are there in asia 
3.when did First olympic game held 
4. Through how many indian state tropic of cancer passes? 
5. With which insitute Indian navy navy has signed MOU on meteriology. Etc.
Tropic of Cancer passes through how many Indian states ?
Vasco Da Gama arrived at which port in India ?
Asia has how many countries ?
What is the name of USA’s first artificial satellite ?
India Divided is a book written by ?
Speed of wind is measured by?
Indian National Congress was formed in the year ?
How many hurdles are there in 400m race ?
Who is the founder of American Red Cross ?
Theyyam is a folk dance of which state ?
Shape of crystal is determined by ?
When was the first Olympic games held ?
First Indian woman to win a medal in long jump ?
North Atlantic Treaty Organisation ( NATO ) headquarter is located in which country ?
In 1954, which French settlement acceded to India ?
Pugilist is associated with which game ?
How many stakeholders are there in cauvery river dispute ?
Who won 4 consecutive badminton championship ( India ) ?
Who is the author of ‘Sleeping on Jupiter’ ?
‘Chakra’ In Indian national flag is taken from ?
Guwahati is at the bank of which river ?
First FIFA world cup was held in which year ?
First British factory in India was established in which city ?
Who wrote ‘Panchatantra’ ?
Salal project is in which river ?
Who becomes the fastest player to score 9000 runs ?
Vaduz is the capital of which country ?
Indian Navy signed a MoU with which institute for oceanography ?
Tropic of Cancer does not pass through which state ?
Governor General of India during formation of indian national congress ?
Which is the biggest building in Mohenjo Daro ?

We keep on adding more questions from AFCAT 1 2018. Stay in touch.

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