How To Check Your AFCAT 1 2018 Answer Sheet?

AFCAT 1 2018 results are published by the CDAC AFCAT website a few days back, candidates can check their marks in AFCAT and EKT along with the final cut off marks, but the answer sheets are not given for the candidates to cross check. Initially, when the AFCAT went online from pen and paper mode (OMR sheet), we were hoping for this exam to be more transparent and strict being an exam to become an Indian airforce officer. 

On the day of the exam, many candidates reported the glitches and issues with the testing software, many candidates were not able to attend the exam on that day and later asked to come for a supplementary exam. Few who gave the exam successfully faced issues like loss of time and errors while submitting the paper. No such incidents were reported after the supplementary exam. 

There are few issues candidates are facing and it is flooding our social media and emails. We are going to list those issues first so that it can reach the concerned authority. If you are one of them, you can pass it to the officials for the quick action. The interviews are starting from 30th April 2018 as reported by the official website, so the time is not enough for the candidates who are stuck in between after the result of AFCAT 1 2018. 

  • The major issue faced by many candidates is related to the login. Candidates are not able to login to the portal after several attempts, in fact after resetting their password, they are not able to login to check their results. Few candidates who reported this to us later said they were able to log in after several attempts but still there are many who are facing this problem. 
  • Another serious issue reported by candidates is that their result shows “You didn’t appear for the exam. So your exam result is not available.“ These candidates say they have attempted the exam.
  • Another issue shows that the candidate has failed instead of clearing the cut off marks. For some they have cleared AFCAT but not EKT, for the candidates who are only eligible for the technical branch, the result would be correct but the majority of them are eligible for multiple branches. 
  • Another concern is that CDAC and AFCAT Cell are not entertaining the queries from candidates actively.

Concerns of AFCAT Candidates: Our social media and emails are flooded with such questions, honestly we can not help in this case except guiding you to the right direction, these problems are server-side issues and only CDAC and AFCAT Cell can take actions regarding this. It is really sad to see that an online exam which makes the examination smoother are coming up with so many glitches. It is not only affecting the candidates but an exam like AFCAT would lose its credibility. We hope the concerned authority is actively listening to candidates and solving their issues.


Should CDAC release your answer sheet? 

We asked the same question on our Instagram where the majority of candidates said yes, we also agree on the same, this is the whole point of shifting AFCAT from offline to online to bring transparency. By releasing the individual answer sheets CDAC can bring the transparency to the exam and satisfy the aspirants, the aspirants are paying an examination fee this time, they deserve better services than a glitchy online system. On the other hand, we believe it is the right of every candidate to know how the system has marked his answer sheet, whether the answers he marked is matching with it or not. It is very easy for the online system to publish the question and individual answer sheets of the candidates. Currently, many students who have been marked absent despite writing the examination and the candidates who cleared the AFCAT 2-3 times back to back but got failed this time are not sure what has happened to them. Why not bring transparency to the AFCAT online exam? it will only make it better. Leave your thoughts below.

How To Check Your AFCAT 1 2018 Answer Sheet?

Many candidates who have genuine concerns, and when we say many, there are many, we can not show you our inbox and DMs but it is flooding with such queries for the first time ever after AFCAT results. So, the candidates are asking regarding the RTI, how you can get your AFCAT 1 2018 answer sheet using RTI. CDAC has not published your answer sheets, you can only see your marks and the cut off marks, so at the moment the only way is to go with RTI. 

We are not sure whether it will get you your answersheet or not but if you have a genuine concern, you can go ahead with it. RTI is a power to people, you can ask the govt body regarding anything which is related to you. You can use this power to know about your answer sheet and rightly so. If you are interested to read more about the story of RTI, we would suggest you to read this wonderful book by Aruna Roy  “The RTI Story – Power to the people

How to file RTI: There are two ways, go to the govt website or a private website. Remember both the websites will charge your money, the private website may charge you more than the govt website but in case of a private firm, they will take care of all the paperwork and procedures. 

Websites for RTI:

  • (This is a govt website to file RTI)
  • ( This is a pvt firm website to file RTI)

Note: We do not have any tie-ups or commitments with these websites whatsoever if you are interested you can contact them before paying and ask the clarification regarding the AFCAT answer sheet. We emailed which is Pvt firm regarding the same, we got the reply after a day, the reply was not clear, it was related to how you can file the RTI and they did not answer the specific question related to AFCAT answer sheet. So do ask them before paying them. We suggest to you to go with the private firm because “TIME”.

Not able to login to check AFCAT 1 2018 result?

While helping few candidates, we found out that they are putting the initial system generated password to log in, if you remember, the system asked you to change the password from the default password to your own password, so the system generated password won’t work anymore. You need to enter the password you kept after the first login. Else the only option for you is to reset the password. Contact CDAC and AFCAT cell if nothing works.

AFCAT 1 2018 AFSB Interview Date and Venue Selection

Many candidates are asking that today is 14th April 2018 and still the date selection and venue selection for AFSB is not open. If you are following AFCAT from past two-three years, you must know that the AFCAT date selection was never in time. Even we are not sure why the commitments are made like this if it is cannot be fulfilled. The delay might happen again because of the ongoing issues in the result. We hope the date and venue selection for the AFSB interview open soon.

If you have something helpful to share, do not forget to leave your thoughts in the comment section below.

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All the best for AFSB interview. 


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