Meet Lt. Ashish Who Saved A Lady From Dacoits Trying To Rob Her

We have many stories of our soldiers doing extraordinary every day, these stories are not only motivating the youth but also boosting their confidence to join the might armed forces of the country. Recently we have come across another story, this time of  Lieutenant Ashish of the Regiment of Artillery who saved a lady from two dacoits who were trying to rob the lady passenger in Dadar Express. Lt. Ashish has proved that a soldier is never off duty and made his fellow officers, soldiers, and aspirants proud. 


Official Statement:

On 6 May 2018 at around 0330h Lieutenant Ashish of the Regiment of Artillery while travelling in Amritsar bound Dadar express observed two dacoits boarding the 2AC compartment & trying to rob a female passenger when the train was halted short of Hazrat Nizammudin. The officer who was on the upper birth immediately reacted and in the bid to stop the robbery confronted the dacoits. In the ensuing fight he was injured by a cut on his hand from the knife of the robber. Shocked by the raw courage of the officer the dacoits jumped out of the train and the robbery was averted.

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