85 English Grammar Shortcuts and Rules For CDS AFCAT NDA

Candidates who are preparing for the various competitive exams like CDS, NDA, AFCAT, SSC, UPSC, and more can download the English Grammar shortcuts and rules to follows for a better understanding of English language. These simple rules will help you with your written exams and also improve your communication which helps in the personal interview. Defence exams like CDS, AFCAT and NDA have a significant amount of English questions asked and these English grammar rules will help you to improve in the English section. Also, try to imbibe these rules in your day to day communication to speak clearly and correctly.

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English Grammar Shortcuts and Rules

Articles – Shortcut Rules

Rule 1: The indefinite article ‘A’ should be used before the word ‘Half’ when it follows a whole number.
I stayed in Madras for one and half years. ☓
I stayed in Madras for one and a half years. ✔
He spent one and half a half rupee. ☓
He spent one and a half rupees. ✔

Rule 2: The definite article ‘THE’ should be used with a comparative adjective if the phrase ‘of the two’ is used.
She is better of the two sisters. ☓
She is the better of the two sisters. ✔
This is the best of the two books. ☓
This is the better of the two books. ✔

Rule 3: With the names of meals such as Breakfast / Lunch / Dinner / Supper, no article should be used in a general way except in particular causes.
I have the breakfast at 8 hrs in the morning ☓
I have breakfast at 8 hrs in the morning ✔

Rule 4: The + Positive Adjective represent the whole class, and take a plural verb.
The rich is responsible for the lawlessness in the country.☓
The rich are responsible for the lawlessness in the country. ✔
Say ‘The poor are / The young are / The old are’ etc…

Rule 5: After Di- Transitive Verbs like Elect / Make / Appoint, articles should not be used except when they are used as Mono transitive verbs.
We appointed him a chairman.☓
We appointed him chairman ✔
We made him a leader ☓
We made him leader. ✔
The Govt. has appointed a Committee (mono transitive) (As a mono transitive verb)

Rule 6: After type of / kind of / sort of / post of / title of / rank of / articles are not used.
He is not that sort of a man. ☓
He is not that soft of man. ✔
He was promoted to the rank of a General Manager. ☓
He was promoted to the rank of General Manager. ✔

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