Gallantry Awards To Indian Airforce On Republic Day 2019

Our airforce has always been a crucial part of the national defence, our air warriors have gone beyond the call of duty many times and we have seen it time and again, be it Kedarnath floods or recent Kerala floods, the bravery of our soldiers are unmatched. The following Indian Air Force personnel have been conferred with Distinguished Service and Gallantry awards by the President of India on the occasion of Republic Day 2019.



  1. Air Marshal Hemant Sharma AVSM VSM
  2. Air Marshal Sardar Harpal Singh AVSM VM
  3. Air Marshal Balakrishnan Suresh AVSM VM
  4. Air Marshal Raghunath Nambiar AVSM VM & Bar
  5. Air Marshal Pandurang Narayan Pradhan AVSM (Retd)
  6. Air Marshal Hemant Narayan Bhagwat AVSM VM (Retd)


  1. Air Marshal Rajesh Kumar VM
  2. Air Marshal Amit Tiwari VM
  3. Air Marshal Amit Dev VSM
  4. Air Marshal Mannepalli Baladitya VSM
  5. Air Vice Marshal Anil Kumar Gupta VSM (Retd)
  6.  Air Vice Marshal Soumitra Kumar Dey VSM (Retd)
  7. Air Vice Marshal Mahendra Vikram Singh
  8. Air Vice Marshal Pijush Mukherjee VSM
  9. Air Vice Marshal Amar Preet Singh
  10. Air Commodore Dhananjay Vasant Khot VM
  11. Air Commodore Manu Chaudhary VM
  12. Air Commodore George Thomas VM


  1. Wing Commander Bhuvanendran Nair Prasanth
  2. Sergeant Amit Kumar Jha


  1. Air Commodore Anjan Bhadra
  2. Group Captain Virendra Singh Mahida
  3. Group Captain Sameer Pradhan
  4. Group Captain Madhav Rangachari
  5. Group Captain Shanmugam Ramesh (Retd)
  6. Group Captain Debanjan Mandal
  7. Group Captain Arun Mahadevan
  8. Group Captain Anubhav Tripathi
  9. Group Captain Udayan Kumar
  10. Group Captain Harpreet Singh Luthra
  11. Group Captain Prem Anand
  12. Wing Commander Jinnehally Puttuswamy Raju
  13. Wing Commander Nitin Kumar Mal
  14. Squadron Leader Himadri Biswas


  1. Air Vice Marshal Avinash Gopal Kshirsagar
  2. Air Vice Marshal Kalvakuntla Shekhar Reddy
  3. Air Vice Marshal Arun Bhaskar Gupta


  1. Air Commodore Sanjeeva Sinha (Retd)
  2. Air Commodore Mahesh Bhaskar Aserkar
  3. Air Commodore Rajesh Vaidya
  4. Air Commodore Anupam Agarwal
  5. Air Commodore Lalit Kumar Chawla VM
  6. Group Captain Rajive Sharma
  7. Group Captain Manish Kumar Srivastava
  8. Group Captain Devendra Singh Shekhawat
  9. Group Captain Subrato Kumar Nath
  10. Group Captain Vardharajan Rajagopalan
  11. Group Captain Shankar Bevinmarad Arunkumar
  12. Group Captain Arun Mittu
  13. Group Captain Manish Sabharwal
  14. Group Captain Debajyoti Borah
  15. Group Captain Anish Aggarwal
  16. Group Captain Kamlesh Singh
  17. Group Captain Arvind Thakur
  18. Group Captain Raman Kewal Bhatla
  19. Group Captain Yeshpal Singh Negi VM
  20. Group Captain Barada Prasad Sabut
  21. Group Captain Bangalore Satyaji Vijay Rao
  22. Group Captain Gaurav Mani Tripathi
  23. Group Captain Rishabh Mittal
  24. Wing Commander S Akheto Jakhalu
  25. Master Warrant Officer Kuttapan Surandran

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