Recommended For joining The Indian Naval Academy

My name is Kuldeep Patel. I got recommended from 12 SSB Bangalore for joining the Indian Naval Academy 104 course. I got my motivation and inspiration from my alma mater Sainik School Ambikapur. And I would like to thank the SSBCrack for posting the success stories of others which really motivated me a lot. It was my first attempt for the entry. First of all, I want to share my own experience with you about SSB. In the very first attempt, it was a bit hard for me to get to know about all those tasks which were there in the SSB. On the very first day when I reported in the campus, I was not having any idea that what will be the result but honestly when I say the recommended candidates who were wearing those + signs over there chest it gave me goosebumps. After all the required protocols when we were sent to our accommodation I was happy to join the company of other guys who were from other Sainik school and from different places.

On the next day which was the day 1 which we call screening day I was a bit nervous but had a kind of confidence in me that yes I can do it… I gave my best in OIR and best in the Group discussion also and then at the time of result I was there in the list of screened in candidates. Then the day 2 came which was a bit similar to the screening test we were provided with a booklet which was blank with number marked, blanks and all. And then we got all the instructions that what has to be done in the booklet provided to us. And within the given time I gave my best and after the completion of all the tasks we were allowed to visit places in Bangalore really, it was the best part of SSB.

On the next two days that was the GTO days. I gave my best in all the tasks and I personally given many solutions to the progressive group tasks and half group tasks and contributed in the group and then on the second day of GTO I was called for the Interview. In the interview, I swear I found my self as a boy full of confidence and josh I gave all my answers confidently but I was a bit nervous too. After all, it was my first SSB.

After coming out of the room I went to my friends Aaryan Kumar, Arindam Sood, and Abhinav who were also from Sainik School and I told all the things about the interview. And they supported me. On the next day which was conference day which we call the DOOMSDAY for all the candidates we all were assembled for the conference proceedings and we were sent to a room and when our name was called we had to enter in the conference hall.

Then after 18 candidates as I was the chest no. 19 I was called for the conference in the hall every officer of the 12 SSB was present my GTO my Psychologist and my IO and when my conference started board president asked only one question to me with a smile that- “OK Kuldeep if we will recommend you for the Navy do you think your spectacles will trouble you?”. And I answered very smartly of his question and then I was sent out for the further proceedings and after the last candidate’s conference we were told to wait for the result within an hour a commander ranked officer came and announced the result and the chest no. 19 that’s me. My name was there on his list. I thanked God for being with me.

I was too happy that day but I would like to thank to my parents first for supporting me in all the situation and to all my friends. To my school to my batch THE INFERNOS. To all my seniors. And last but not the least my best friend who helped me in knowing my self more clearly. And for supporting me all the time in my whole journey. Thank you 3000!!

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