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Myself SACHIN, Got MERIT-IN Administration Branch of AFCAT entry. I want to share my Failure story with all those hardcore aspirant’s jo Shiddat se koshish kar rahe hn to be an officer in defence forces. 16 December 2016 I got Merit out, 09 Jan 2017 Screen out, 27 January CDS written ka result & I didn’t clear it, Lekin Kisi Mahapurush ne kaha hai ki “Rock bottom will teach you lessons that mountain top never will”. Being from a farmer’s family helped me a lot after this downfall because I believe farmers are the most optimistic class of our country they are always like “Its okay if we don’t get a good harvest this time, next time we’ll put more hard work & get a good harvest”.

So, it took me 3 years 4 months, innumerable heartbreak,
4 times conference outs
3 times screenouts
2 times recommendations 
And 1 MERIT LIST, to write this story which I had narrated to myself millions of times in the past. (Mere close friends ne toh bahut bar suni bhi hogi ). My message to all those Repeater aspirants is.

1. Don’t really rely on SSB only, (Bcz I have seen people getting merit out Repeatedly). Have a strong backup plan because it shows your planning about your career. Please don’t let your Aspiration look like desperation. 

2. And keep trying… keep improving yourself, Keep experimenting until you get it because everyone fails, everyone who is in the academy today or going to the academy this year has gone through the same kind of frustration & irritation you are going through. Everyone was too tired to try next time but the only difference they made is THEY DIDNT GIVE UP. Toh Rukna nahi hai jab tak attempts hain jee jaan se dete raho, Keep yourself updated from the pages like SSBCrack (it helped me a lot with timely notification updates & other defence related stuff)

3. The most important suggestion is…. Apne Dil ki suno becasue no one else knows you better than you, jitney jyada logo’n se suggestion loge utne jyada confuse rahoge or wahan perform karte time khud Ko contradict karte rahoge. It’s your personality test after all. If something suits their personality doesn’t mean it’d suit to yours as well. Thank you.

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