Meet Captain Akhilesh Saxena The Adventurous Kargil War Hero Who Is Inspiring The Youth

Captain Akhilesh Saxena is not one to be chained to his desk. Now, Vice President of Tata Communications and founder of the motivational speaking platform ‘Inspiring Mantra’s’ had two decades ago, led a team of Rajputana Rifles to capture the ‘Three Pimple’ peak, in one of the Indian Army’s most pivotal missions during the Kargil operations. The capture of Tololing, led by Captain Saxena and other military legends, such as Captain Vikram Batra and Captain Vijayant Thapar. (Both of whom he has served with) The actions of these young officers, who are now household names, changed the face of the Kargil war. Severely wounded in Kargil, Captain Saxena started his second inning corporate, after being awarded a Gold medal from FMA.

Captain Saxena and Mrs Shikha Saxena paying their respects to the martyrs of Operation Vijay
Being awarded at the Aegis Graham Bell Awards
Captain Saxena being awarded for excellence in Corporate

Despite being a senior corporate professional, Captain Saxena has always gone out his way, to motivate the youth. Imparting some of the most critical leadership lessons he learned from the battlefield. To do so, he along with his wife Mrs Sikha Saxena started a popular Motivational Talks forum for youngsters named ‘Inspiring Mantras’. The Saxena’s have been invited as chief guests at the Kargil celebrations, National Cadet Corps programs and have been called in as keynote speakers, during many educational, management and media events. It is through these events that they have strived to inspire the youth to keep national interests in mind.

Two decades after Kargil the Army officer has still ready to lock and load
Mrs Saxena firing an INSAS rifle during Kargil celebrations
The military couple inspiring young NCC cadets to be patriotic citizens
The hardcore military man still kills the miles!

Two Decades Since Kargil, The Adventure is Still On!

Before the dangerous extreme sporting event

Recently the inspiring ‘Fauji’ couple embarked on a risky adventure! They successfully attempted the dangerous ‘couple jump’ at Victoria Falls.
This extreme sporting activity, notorious for its grave risk, takes place at the scenic Victoria Falls, located between the Zimbabwe and Zambia border. These falls are home to several adrenaline-pumping adventure activities, most notably, the couples bungee jump. The Couples Jump attempted by Captain Saxena and his wife, is said to be one of the most challenging bungee events in the world.

Glimpses From The Jump Of A Lifetime!

Four seconds of high risk and adrenaline!
The jump requires pinpoint coordination between the two jumpers
Trust is crucial!

Captain Saxena has once again gone on to show that you can’t take the soldier out of an ex-serviceman, no matter their occupational profile.

Revisiting the battlegrounds in which he fiercely fought two decades ago
A young Captain Saxena in Dress Uniform!

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