6 Indian Army Heroes Who Earned Shaurya Chakra

This republic day 2020, 6 Indian army soldiers will be awarded Shaurya Chakra. The Shaurya Chakra is an Indian military decoration awarded for valour, courageous action or self-sacrifice while not engaged in direct action with the enemy. It may be awarded to civilians as well as military personnel, sometimes posthumously.  We salute to our brave soldiers and you can read their full story of courage below.

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Lieutenant Colonel Jyoti Lama created a vibrant intelligence network in Manipur and after meticulous planning relentlessly led his Company in apprehending fourteen hardcore terrorists. Launching successive surgically precise operations, the Officer notwithstanding personal safety and leading from the front, on 23 Jul 2019 based on a specific input regarding move of two terrorists laid an ambush in a village and eliminated them. On challenging the terrorists to drop their weapons and surrender, the Officer drew heavy fire and with utter disregard to his personal safety, pulled his buddy to safety and exhibiting raw courage and outstanding initiative engaged the terrorist in an intense firefight and eliminated a hardcore terrorist. The other terrorist trying to escape fired indiscriminately towards him. The officer unmindful of his personal safety and exhibiting nerves of steel, once again retaliated with effective fire, thereby eliminating the second hardcore terrorist. For displaying daring leadership and conspicuous gallantry resulting in neutralization of two terrorists, Lieutenant Colonel Jyoti Lama is awarded “SHAURYA CHAKRA”.


Based on input about movement of hardcore armed militants in a village in Manipur , Major Konjengbam Bijendra Singh put together a detailed plan and with his tactical guile, professionalism and proficiency in jungle warfare covertly inducted his team over long distance through extremely harsh jungle terrain and inhospitable weather to establish a surveillance detachment showing extreme physical and mental endurance. On 22 March at 1330 hours, the early warning party reported the movement of armed militants who on being challenged to surrender opened indiscriminate fire on to the squad. The officer sensing imminent danger to his troops who were pinned down from hostile fire displayed raw courage to dash forward and bring down effective retaliatory fire onto the militants from close range. This daring act resulted in elimination of two militants. For his conspicuous bravery and stout leadership in going beyond the call of duty in the face of grave and imminent danger to his men, Major Konjengbam Bijendra Singh is awarded “SHAURYA CHAKRA”.


Naib Subedar Narender Singh was part of the party deployed to prevent infilteration across the Line of Control While being deployed on the Line of Control, own surveillance detachment detected move of heavily armed hostiles intruding across Line of Control with likely aim to carryout violent action upon own posts. Naib Subedar Narender in a daring and calculated tactical move led his Squad through dense undergrowth and a narrow minefield safe lane during a pitch dark night. He displaying nerve of steel and quick thinking, sited his squad along anticipated ingress routes of the hostiles. He alogwith his buddy Havildar Bhal Singh initiated contact at close quarters. In the ensuing firefight, he shot two hostiles dead at extreme close quarters and wounded another one. His aggressive actions led to foiling of attempt of the hostiles to target own posts. For his most conspicuous gallantry, tactical acumen and outstanding leadership in combat, Nb Sub Narender Singh is awarded “SHAURYA CHAKRA”.


Naib Subedar Sombir was part of the assault team of a Rashtriya Rifles which planned and executed an operation in which three hardcore terrorists were eliminated in Jammu and Kashmir. While cordoning the target house, Naib Subedar Sombir deployed himself and his buddy to cover the most likely escape route of terrorists. One of the terrorist tried to break the cordon by firing indiscriminately and lobbing grenades on them, which resulted in grievous injuries to his buddy. Seeing his buddy in danger and not caring about personal safety, Naib Subedar Sombir seized the initiative and engaged the terrorist. In close quarter battle, Naib Subedar Sombir killed the foreign terrorist later identified as Category ‘A++’, terrorist. During his extremely courageous act, Naib Subedar Sombir received grievous Gun Shot Wounds to his chest and neck due to which he later succumbed. For display of conspicuous bravery, exemplary leadership, courage under fire and unparalleled espirit-de-corps under most challenging circumstances, Late Naib Subedar Sombir is awarded “SHAURYA CHAKRA (POSTHUMOUS)”.


Naik Naresh Kumar was performing the duties of Scout in Company Assault Team during an operation conducted in a village in Jammu & Kashmir. On receipt of input regarding presence of one terrorist in village, a specific joint operation was launched. During search of the house a terrorist was detected under the staircase. The terrorist sensing the adverse situation, opened indiscriminate fire at the party. To eliminate the terrorist, there was a requirement of closing onto the terrorist and accordingly, Naik Naresh Kumar alongwith his buddy was tasked. When the buddy pair moved ahead, the terrorist opened heavy volume of fire and ran in opposite direction. Naik Naresh Kumar, sensing the grave danger to the troops deployed in that direction brought down accurate fire and at a close range of five meters eliminated the terrorist later identified as Category A++ terrorist. For displaying immense courage of conviction and raw courage, Naik Naresh Kumar is awarded “SHAURYA CHAKRA”.


Sepoy Karmdeo Oraon of an Infantry Battalion was deployed on a post on the line of control as Light Machine Gunner. On 29 December 2018 at 1630 hours the post received intense automatic fire from enemy posts. Simultaneously terrorists fired Pika and Rocket Propelled Grenade, in an attempt to cause injuries to own troops. Sepoy Karmdeo Oraon observed four terrorists firing and rushing towards the post which could endanger troops holding it. Sounding alarm, he engaged terrorists with Light Machine Gun during which he received a bullet on his Bullet Proof Patka and fell down. Realizing criticality of the situation, showing acute presence of mind, with utter disregard to his personal safety, he immediately rushed out of his bunker, lobbed nine grenades and engaged terrorists in close quarter battle. This gallant action resulted in elimination of two terrorists. Continuing focused aggression he rushed back to Light Machine Gun and recommenced firing thus ensuring that terrorists made no further attempt. In recognition of stupendous gallantry and willingness to make supreme sacrifice in pursuance of operational task, Sepoy Karmdeo Oraon is awarded “SHAURYA CHAKRA”.

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