Meet Captain Tania Sher Gill, India’s 1st Woman Republic Day Parade Adjutant

In a first, captain Tania Sher Gill, an officer in Indian Army’s Corps of Signals, will be the 1st woman parade adjutant for the Republic Day parade 2020. Earlier, she led the all man contingent on the occasion of 72nd Army Day on 15th January 2020. The officer who trained at Officers Training Academy (OTA), Chennai, asked if she was feeling nervous or afraid of the big day, she said, “We have worked a lot during the parade rehearsals, trying to perfect the moves. There is no fear or nervousness.”

Asked what message she had to give to young women who are chasing their dreams, Gill said, “When we don the uniform, we are just ‘faujis’ (jawans or officers), gender is immaterial, all that matters is merit.” “And girls and women chasing their dreams should just believe in themselves. It doesn’t matter if some people think they are any less than boys and men. I would tell them just focus on your goals and pursue the goals with passion,” she said.

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