What PARA SF Commandos Shout During Hell March

After a long gap, a contingent of the PARA SF (Special Forces) unit of the Indian Army will be marching down Rajpath this Republic Day. Major Nikhil Maurya and Major Tarun Rathee are the leaders of the ‘hell march’ done by the Indian Army’s Parachute Regiment Special Forces during the Republic Day parade. The Special Forces have returned to the parade after a gap of four years. “We are taking part in the Republic Day parade. We will be depicting stealth, speed, specialized equipment and close teamwork during the parade.” – Major Nikhil.

“The Para commandos have been involved extensively in counter-insurgency operations in Jammu and Kashmir, Assam and the eastern states in India,” Indian Army Spokesperson Colonel Aman Anand.

The war cry of PARA SF while they march on the Rajpath says: “ Tum bharat ke veer ho, Tum apne desh ke rakshak ho. Tu apni himmat badaye ja, jati bhedbhav ko mitaye ja. Kadam Badaye Ja, Piche Hatna kaam nahi, aage badhe ja.

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