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The Gentleman Cadets Training at IMA Dehradun

Gentleman Cadet at IMA

To make IMA a globally pre-eminent Pre Commissioning Training Academy for grooming the Gentlemen Cadets in conformity with the historical and cultural values of our Army and Nation and provide the Nation, Military leaders of the highest professional, physical and moral calibre. In keeping with the Warrior Code, progressively train future military leaders in operational and administrative skills at the subunit level, to be capable of combating contemporary conflict realities.

Instructor’s Code
The Instructor’s Code is the guiding commandment for the Instructors of the Indian Military Academy. The Officers posted here are bestowed upon with the onus responsibility of shaping the future leaders of the Indian Army. The Instructors themselves adhere to the strict Instructor’s Code of the Academy thus setting self-example to the Gentlemen Cadets.

The code is as under:
“I dedicate myself to achieving the mission of the Indian Military Academy. I will assist each Gentleman Cadet to become a proud, ethical, motivated, professional and cultured Officer so that he can shoulder the onerous responsibility of leading soldiers in combat. I will set standards of excellence in professionalism, Military skills, personal morals and social conduct. I will not fail in epitomizing the values of ‘An Officer and a Gentleman’.”


Training of Gentleman Cadets’
The profession of arms demands character, competence, commitment and compassion. The profession of arms is noblest and these attributes, therefore, characterize our core values. The core values are constant features in the entire spectrum of one’s career beginning with a cadet to a General. These core values form the bedrock of the core objectives of training of the GCs in the IMA and echoed in the IMA Crest, Credo, Honour & Warrior Code and Training Motto.

The Honour Code of IMA “I shall not Lie, Steal or Cheat, Nor Tolerate those who do so” truly reverberates the importance of the core value of character. Only men of character can truly radiate competence, commitment and compassion. Therefore at IMA, the building of character in the GCs is the most imp core objectives of training.

The following aspects are stressed upon:
(a) Morals define intention, judgment & action.
(b) Ethics are inviolate functional guidelines and therefore need enforcement.
(c) A leader with convenient values can’t enforce ethics.
(d) Man’s character in peace assures courage in war.
(e) Army ethos is based on national and service values, accepted codes and conventions.

The core value of Competence is enshrined in the IMA Crest “Valour and Wisdom”. A competent officer inspires his command and empowers them. The core objectives of training towards developing competence in the GCs are imparted by ensconcing the following:

(a) Facing odds with indomitable courage.
(b) Necessary will, skills and drills.
(c) Fitness and reading as a habit.
(d) Communication skills to possess the power of influence.
(e) Art of being contemporary & futuristic.
(f) Decisiveness and ability to find order in disorder.
(g) Graduate from the capability to all-round capacity.
(h) Practising the Training Motto “Nischay Kar Apni Jeet Karoon“ (Determined to Win).

There can be nothing better to define the spirit of commitment in an officer than the age-old IMA Credo:

“The safety, honour and welfare of your country come first, always and every time. The honour, welfare and comfort of the men you command come next, Your own ease, comfort and safety come last always and every time”.

The core objectives of training towards developing commitment in IMA are realized by making a GC comprehend the following:
(a) Commitment tells ‘Be a soldier first, an officer later’.
(b) Commitment demands exceptional professionalism.
(c) We have the best soldiers, they need worthy officers.
(d) Commit to remain secular & apolitical.
(e) Commitment separates out the nominated from the accepted officers.
(f) Commitment demands “Walk the Talk” and Selfless Service towards the organisation.

The Warrior Code which has been adopted from the Holy Scripture “Bhagwat Gita” also speaks of the compassion to be exhibited while protecting the weak. A competent individual of character will be committed and compassionate to his fellow beings. The maturity of an individual is projected by the way he treats his fellow beings.

Types of Course and Duration
The courses of instruction at the Academy cater for the following entries:
(a) Ex-NDA – 1 year spread over two terms
(b) Ex-ACC – 1 year spread over two terms
(c) Technical Graduate – 1 year spread over two terms
(d) University Entry – 1 year spread over two terms
(e) Direct Entry – 1 ½ year
(f) Foreign Gentlemen Cadets – Duration as per entry
(g) TA Officers Course – 3 Months
(h) PC (SL) – 1 Month

Weapon Training
A very high standard of Weapon Training is imparted to the Gentlemen Cadets in the Academy. The training also includes the following:

a) Close Quarter Battle (CQB) Range: CQB range developed with an aim to train Gentlemen Cadets in reflex shooting and engage targets at close ranges consists a total of 15 rooms divided into two firing alleys of seven rooms each and one common room. Two Gentlemen Cadets can fire simultaneously in each alley. A total of 30 targets a mix of static pop up, traverse and hostage targets are used for firing practice. High-resolution CCTV cameras are placed in each room to facilitate control at all times. Video playback option and live streaming options are also available facilitating waiting details to observe the faults and institute corrective measures accordingly.

b) Location of Miss and Hit Target System (LOMAH): LOMAH is an “Acoustical” Projectile Detection System installed with an aim to impart quality weapon training to Gentlemen Cadets by facilitating application and classification fire. It is all-weather equipment, which enables live firing unlike simulators, provides instant results/review of shots to firer and saves time by obviating physical checking and repairing. The scores obtained by Gentlemen Cadets can be retrieved and printed at a later stage.

c) Team Battle Shooting Range (TBSR): TBSR has been introduced for 3rd term Gentlemen Cadets with an aim to train them on practical aspects of employment of platoon and section weapons in a defensive battle as also to exercise them on fire control orders.

d) Jungle Lane Shooting: Jungle Lane shooting is carried out as an integrated part of exercise Golabari and involves exercising Gentlemen Cadets on effective engagement of targets emerging in jungle terrain in the backdrop of Counter Insurgency/Counter Terrorism scenario. The lanes comprise of various types of targets so placed to exercise Gentlemen Cadets on their reflex shooting, quick identification and recognition of targets, speedy engagement and bringing down the aimed fire. The exercise is very effective to imbibe confidence in passing out Gentlemen Cadets for operating in Counter Insurgency/ Counter Terrorism environment which they are likely to counter on induction into such areas after commissioning.

Games and Sports
All games are organised by the Gentlemen Cadets. Instructors play as many games as possible with the Gentlemen Cadets.

The following games are played:
(a) Spring Term: X Country, Hockey, Basketball, Polo and Athletics.
(b) Autumn Term: Football, Aquatics, Volleyball, Boxing and X-Country.
(c) A sports meet is held every term/ once a year in which teams of National Defence Academy (NDA), Officers Training Academy (OTA), Indian Military Academy (IMA), Air Force Academy (AFA), and Naval Academy & INS Shivaji participate.

Membership of a club is compulsory for Gentlemen Cadets. The Academy has the following indoor and outdoor clubs:
(a) Indoor: Journalism, Arts, Music and Drama, Computer Application, GIS and Electronics.
(b) Sports: Golf, Squash, Tennis, Riding and Polo, Shooting, Archery, Gymnastics and Cycling & Cycle Polo.
(c) Outdoor: Driving & Maintenance, Gardening, Aeromodelling, Scuba Diving, Mountaineering & Rock Climbing and Weak PT & Swimming.

Mid Term Break
(a) The midterm break is organised as the adventure training break. All Gentlemen Cadets of I/II term proceed on training hikes to various destinations of cultural, historical and military importance. Adventure activities like Trekking, Cycling, Rock Climbing, Water sports, Paragliding etc. form an essential part of each of these hikes. Local multi-activity hikes include White Water Rafting, Parasailing and cycle expeditions which are organized for Gentlemen Cadets who stay back in the Academy.

(b) During the Mid-Term break, the III termers proceed on forwarding Area Tour to various field formations in the Northern borders for familiarisation and interaction with troops.

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