All Uniforms Of NDA Cadets

In a military organisation, Uniforms help promote togetherness, unity, and pride. In short, they foster team spirit. When you join the National Defence Academy, you will wear different uniforms meant for different event and occasions, here are 10 uniforms that NDA cadets wear at the academy.

Uniforms worn by National Defence Academy Cadets.

  1. Dress No 1/1A Dress used for ceremonial functions in winter, also known as Blue Patrol
  2. Dress No 2/2A Dress used for ceremonial functions in summer also known as White Patrol
  3. Dress 2B Mess semi-formal dress used for ceremonial mess functions in summer
  4. Dress No 3/4 Drill order used for drill in summer (worn with jersey in winter)Dress No 4 Working dress worn for academic classes in summer (worn with jersey in winter)
  5. Dress No 5/5A Walking out a dress worn after the retreat in summer and at dinners (worn with jersey in winter)
  6. Dress No 6/6A Mufti dress worn for Habibullah functions, Liberty and Gole Market (worn with blazers in winter)
  7. Dress No 7/7A Combat dress worn for field training (worn with jersey in winter)
  8. Dress No 8/8A Dress worn for equitation training (with jersey in winter)
  9. Dress No 9/9A Dress worn for PT in summer (with jersey in winter and known as Green Patrol)
  10. Ceremonial Games Dress Worn during ceremonial games occasions (with blazers in winter)

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