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Cracked SSB Interview at SSB Kolkata To Join The Indian Navy

I was very much excited to be in the MCO. Little scary seeing the crowd as it was my first attempt but with a huge confidence.

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HELLO FRIENDS, I’m DIVYESH RANDHEER (Chest no 7) got recommended from SSB KOLKATA for INDIAN NAVY as a GSX Cadre on 21Aug2021. First of all, I would like to give a warm greetings for all the aspirants who spend their valuable time in reading my story. Hope it helps you at any point.

I Hail from Coimbatore, Tamilnadu. I never had a goal in my life till my 2nd year of my degree.  On a fine day, my college management invited an Ex-Navy officer to give a lecture on “Opportunities in Defence forces”. To be very honest I never knew about NDA till my 20. So it all started with the session where I eventually ended up to be trained by the gentlemen. He is an inspiration to all defence aspirants, not only aspirants but for all the citizens through his personality and service to the nation. For 2 years, I was trained for my personality the most rather than for SSB. With the huge opportunity provided to me there, I interacted with at least 20 officers & many Motivational fames before my 1st SSB. Before my third attempt, I took Coaching in Bengaluru, Karnataka.

I never traveled outside my state and knew any language except Tamil & English before 3March 2021 but before my recommendation, I knew 5Langauges {Tamil, Malayalam, English, Hindi, Telugu}. It went possible because of my exposures where I travelled through 17states in just 5months. It’s my Aspirant friends in Coimbatore & Bengaluru who helped me out in all tough times.

My SSB Experiences, {1R, 2CO, 1SO}.

1st SSB:  NSB Vishakhapatnam, INET 3 March 2021 Result: CO.

  • I was very much excited to be in the MCO. Little scary seeing the crowd as it was my first attempt but with a huge confidence.
  • 61 reported at the end of the day 15 got Screened in 11Freshers 4Repeaters. Story was syncing to the picture, Narrated boldly 4in the group accepted my story immediately. OIR 95%+ Accuracy attended all Questions.
  • I was so happy. But no time to express it. Was rushing to the room. Immediately filled PIQ. By 1500H, went back it took me 15 minutes to start my conversation with my group of 7. Because in my 1st attempt, my Hindi speaking is thooda Kham.
  • Psych went well but lot of strikes in writings. The huge mistake in my SSB. Never overwrite nor scribble. Neat, legible, clear writing is required.
  • GTO was the best part in my 1st SSB. I was called only once for Command task. Did 8 individual obstacles.
  • Interview went for 1H 45mins, I spoke where lengthy sentences.

2nd  SSB: 19 SSB Allahabad, 5 June 2021 TGC 133 Result: SO.

  • This time my OIR was average. Also I mismatched for 2 questions in my OMR sheet. My perception went weak because of which I was told next during narration in just 15secs.
  • Enjoyed Stay, food & Travel.

3rd SSB: 31 SSB Kapurthala, 5 Aug 2021 SSC TECH57 Result: CO.

  • Did my best OIR, Perceived & Narrated best. Out of 97, 20 got screened in 19Repeaters 1Screened out candidate.
  • My Psych was good. Interview was little stammered 1H 05mins it was. GTO was the best ever in my SSBs. 10 Individual obstacles.
  • Conference went for 15minutes then came the result, BATCH WASHED OUT.
  • Enjoyed visiting Golden temple twice. 100H of traveling time the longest ever for my SSB.

4th SSB: SSB KOL, 17 Aug 2021 INET Result: Recommended.

  • Stage 1 was a cake walk. Little scared in OIR1 because everyone wrote only 25-30 out of 45. I wrote 31 I that set. OIR wasn’t tough but time consuming.
  • Psych was written with a calm mind. Very clear psych it was compared to all my SSBs.
  • Heavy Rains in Kolkata so did individual obstacle in day 3 itself.
  • Not Complaining, but my group ignored me in all the tasks. I said this to interviewer too.
  • My interview was the last & went only for 15mins. I didn’t do well. But I didn’t lose confidence during the tasks.
  • Did only 5 individual obstacles, everything slippery.
  • Conference went for 25 minutes. I felt like my actual interview was there in conference.
  • I didn’t expect I will get recommended. They called 19 instead of 29. Hahahaha 29 is no one that’s me. Half the way of 19 they said sorry 19 it is 29 who got recommended. Not only was my group the most shocked to hear was me. I asked thrice the madam “mam is it really 29?”.
  • Happy endings.

I urge aspirants not to lose hope at any point. I have 150+ aspirant friends. Everyone is making their turn. Be confident and showcase who you are.

Myths broken in my story,

  • You can get recommended even when no one calls you in CT.
  • 5 Individual obstacles can also recommend you.
  • Despite a bad experience in my interviewer part, I spoke only truth. Told only truth NO LIES at all.

I was medically unfit, did DNS Surgery. Reduced 12kgs in 10days.

My next stop is 7 DEC at Bhopal for TGC134. Have an enthralling life friends.


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