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10 Best Ways To Inspire Kids To Join The Indian Army

A citizen has many roles and responsibilities in the country in which they live. When kids are taught the various roles and responsibilities that they have to play as Indian citizens.

Indian army is one of the most responsible, prestigious fields to work in. Hearts filled with valour, nationalism and courage serves the Nation’s with their utmost honesty and Handwork through the Indian Army. There are many ways through which candidates can join the Indian army like thorough CDS, and SSB. There are ways for direct entries after completing class 12th, for which exams are conducted by the Indian Army recruitment authority. 


Indeed, joining the Indian army is the most prideful and life-changing decision for any Aspirant. Kids are the future of any country.

Showering them with feelings of nationalism and joining the Indian army would help the kids as well as the country. When kids are motivated and guided to the right path, they often turn an important asset to the country.

However, joining the Indian army should always be based on self-decision and thoughts, but we can motivate our kids and give them a perspective to see things. It can help them in choosing what they want to do in life. 

Although, as we told you earlier, the Indian army is one of the most precocious and prideful professions. So, encouraging the kids to join the army is one of the good things we can do for the society, country and the kids themselves. Here we have written 10 ways to motivate kids to join the Indian army. 

  1. Aware the kids of the glorious past of the Indian Army

The Indian army has a very glorious past. A past with a thousand stories filled with pride, love for the nation and courage! These stories are supposed to make every Indian feel more proud about the country and the people of the country. When children are told real-life stories , they make a perspective out of it. When the kids will know about the glorious past of the Indian army, they will also want to witness it by themselves. Increased interest will lead to encouragement in the kids to explore more about the Indian Army. And that is how you can motivate the kids to join the incident army by showing the glorious past of the Indian army to them. 

  1. Tell them real-life stories of the army men and their courage in war

Stories create perspectives in young minds. The perspective is either negative or positive depending upon the story. And when the stories of valour and courage are told to the kids they make their perspective supporting courage, nationalism, sacrifice and pride. They will also want to experience the same kind of enthusiasm that Army personnel go through. And that is how stories can motivate kids to join the Indian Army. 

  1. Movies based on the Indian army can motivate the kids

Movies are just the visual representation of the stories and an excellent medium to encourage children to join the Indian army. Bollywood, Tollywood and other film making agencies have already made pictures of the Indian army and the stories related to war areas. Those movies can be shown to the kids to make them understand the importance, workings and exceptional courage of the Indian army. Kids will get motivated by the Indian Army. 

  1. Take them on a day out to Army Museum 

Museum has artefacts, pieces of information, and it is a way of giving a realistic approach to the information. The museum can turn out to be a perfect place for the kids to hang out as well as to understand the glorious history of the Indian army. Museum ignites the interests of the viewers and that is the reason why you should take your kids to museum-related to the Indian army. 

  1. Take them to seminars and workshops related to the Indian Army 

Kids can attend Seminars and workshops conducted by the Indian army, various organizations and schools. These seminars are a way to confer and aware people regarding the Indian army and its glory. Kids can learn a lot about the Indian army from these seminars and workshops. And it will also encourage them. 

  1.  Fill the sense with nationalism in the  environment

Environment plays an important role in directing a perspective of a kid. When kids are grown up in an environment that praises and talks about the soldiers, they transfer these qualities into them. So try to create a favourable environment for the kids in which they learn and hear about the Indian army. 

  1. Take the kids to a community welfare programme

Indian army is just not about valour, courage and war. It is more than that. It is a service for the nation and nation before self. Furthermore, it reflects sacrifice. When kids are taken to a welfare community programme, they learn the values of sacrifice, kindness and service. These values will cultivate their interest in choosing a career that offers these qualities. And they will be motivated to join the Indian Army.

  1. Create a sense of gratitude in the mind of the kid for the country

Gratitude is necessary for unleashing the service to the nations. Tell the kids various stories about India, the leaders and the glorious past that it holds. This will motivate the kid to serve the nation. And Indian army is the best place to serve the nation. 

  1. Widen the perspective of the kid towards his role as a citizen

A citizen has many roles and responsibilities in the country in which they live. When kids are taught the various roles and responsibilities that they have to play as Indian citizens. So, they find ways to furnish their part. Indian army holds the highest position when it comes to sacrifice. Kids will be motivated to join the Indian army this way. 

  1. Make them meet the veterans and retired army officials  

People holding high positions, retired army personnel, can inspire a lot of kids to be like them. They can guide the youth and kids to follow the value of nation before self and join the Indian army. Kids should attend seminars where veteran and retired army personnel come to guide the youth. 


Overall, choosing a career path is a self made choice. Although the Indian army is just not a career option, it is a mixture of courage, valour, sacrifice and professionalism. Holding a dream to join the Indian army is one of the bravest and important decisions. Kids should be motivated to join the Indian army through the above-mentioned ways. It is also significant to understand that joining the Indian army is just not enough, one should be cultivated with the values of sacrifice, pride and professionalism. Support your kid’s dreams and encourage them to do the best for themselves and the country. All the best!

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Mausami Sharma
Mausami Sharma
Intern at SSBCrackExams. An avid reader, UPSC aspirant and a curious defence aircraft researcher. Pursuing my Interest in global politics and diplomatic studies.
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