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10 SSB Interview Questions on Omicron

These were some of the relevant questions that can be asked by the assessors during the interview.

As we all know, a novel virus is affecting the whole world again like fire in the jungle named Omicron that is alleged to be originated in South Africa. Many countries, states, and cities have passed various guidelines due to this newly seen virus all over the world. So in this situation, if you are going to the SSB or any other interview, questions related to this will be asked for sure because it is a burning topic in the whole world right now. There are some questions mentioned below that can be asked during your upcoming SSB’s .

  1. What is Omicron virus ?
  2. How it is different from the other viruses (SAARS , Delta etc) ?
  3. From where it has originated ?
  4. What makes it a variant of concern ?
  5. Can the currently used diagnostics methods, detect Omicron?
  6. Which precautions should we take ?
  7. Will the existing vaccines work against Omicron ?
  8. Do you think next wave will be there , how severely ?
  9. How the whole world including India is responding to the virus ?
  10. What you think we should do as a citizen to save ourselves from this virus apart from all the efforts that government and other organisations are making ?

These were some of the relevant questions that can be asked by the assessors during the interview. Now let’s try and analyse why they ask such things and what their is there relevance. If a candidate is answering questions well, it shows that he is aware of the general issues but if he is answering and creating an impact in front of the assessor it is considered excellent by answering in a sophisticated and logical way with fewer words of most importance. If someone asks all these questions to a common man, he will also tell about the name of the virus and some basic knowledge that almost everyone knows but what is the difference between a common man’s answer and that In yours matters a lot. It doesn’t mean you have to study the whole biology but you must know about some general terms and exact differences between these viruses hence specific precautions that you should take in this particular case. It shows your alert, logical, bold character and helps you to create an impact in every group and place through your confidence and knowledge, hence helping you to crack SSB.

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