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Range of Topics For SSB Personal Interview

The interviewing Officer may like to put questions of technical nature related to the profession for which the candidate is applying.

The interviewing officer’s purpose is to test the ability of the candidates to fit into the role he is required to play. The key to sure success in the interview, as in any other test, is thorough practice and correct knowledge. One must know his personal particulars as well as the general and technical knowledge.

Some of the topics about which questions may be asked in the PI are:

Personal Particulars

  1. Family Background: A candidate must know exactly his father’s job, his income pay grade, etc. Questions may be asked about other members of the family also.
  2. Educational Career: The candidate must know the exact period he has spent in various educational institutions, the positions he has attained in all exams passed and any distinction achieved.
  3. Extra-Curricular Activities: One must be able to give the details of all the extra-curricular activities he has taken part in.
  4. Games and Sports: Questions may be asked on the games played by the candidate. For example: Which is your best game, size of the ground, your position on the ground, task allotted to this position, equipment used in the sport, whether you have taken part in any tournament, players of all India fame in this game, position of India in this game, and he may ask few questions about some important rules of the game.
  5. Hobbies: One must be prepared to answer some questions on his hobbies.
  6. Interest in Reading Books and Newspapers:  one must prepare himself for questions like what type of literature you use, your favorite author and his important works, lessons learnt from these books, newspaper you read regularly, editor of this newspaper, etc.

 Reason for selecting a Services Career:

  1. One must prepare himself for questions like why does he wants to join the armed forces and what would one do if one is not selected in the services, etc.

Current Affairs and General Knowledge:

  1. It is in this field that the candidate has to take special pains to prepare himself and show his attainments. He must, therefore, form the habit of reading the daily newspapers and magazines and keep notes under separate headings so he can follow up the same topics in the future.

Technical Knowledge: 

  1. The interviewing Officer may like to put questions of technical nature related to the profession for which the candidate is applying. The candidates are advised to read literature in that particular field and be prepared to answer questions of a broad nature. Some questions may be: role of our armed forces, equivalent ranks in the three services, name and ranks of three services chiefs, various gallantry awards, names of various aircraft and naval ships, achievement of our armed forces during operations with the neighboring countries, etc.
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“Life is a series of Interviews”

Life is a great struggle and one must not feel shy of facing the interview, whatever position one occupies.

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