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How to Improve Your Speaking Skills for SSB Interview

You should have the correct style of delivering a speech. You have to keep their interest till the end so that they listen to you attentively. Try to end and begin the speech appropriately. The first impression is the best impression. 


Aspirants, Group Lecturette is one of the most important GTO tasks. We all know that service officers while commanding their troops have to address their men at a short notice or give them instructions in their day-to-day activities. The officer should be able to talk effectively and forcefully.

Thus, there is a need for a defense aspirant to be quite efficient in the art of speech–making. This test is mainly to test whether the candidate has proficiency in speech making and effective speaking at a short notice.

People are never born good speakers. If one lacks this skill, it can be cultivated by constant practice. No need to worry Aspirants, You have the talent to be a good speaker. But most of us never realize that. To be a good speaker, we must have these essential qualities

Here are some ways which will improve your communication skill.

  • Mastery over Language
  • Knowledge of current trends and affairs
  • Proper pronunciation and clear voice
  • No shyness and stammering
  • Correct gestures

Now we will look into each of them in detail-

  • Mastery over language-For effective speaking and command of language is most essential. If William Shakespeare, a half-literate man is able to master the language, it is possible for you to do so. Every day, search for some new words from an Oxford Dictionary. Pay attention to those words, which seem to be effective for powerful speech making. You should know the art of twisting a word according to a situation. While addressing the people, try to use simple words. Remember, your words should be of current use. Simplicity makes your speech more interesting for your audience.
  • Knowledge of current trends and mastery over facts: Command over facts and modern trends is important as mastery over language. If you are deficient in up-to-date knowledge of facts and trends on a subject, your speech will never impress your audience even if it has bombastic words. It is of no use coming unprepared for Lecturette in SSB. Preparation for GD will be enough for the knowledge of facts. Be cautious not to give any faulty information to your audience. Such an attempt will only demoralize you. You should have mastery over facts. Constant reading helps you to improve your knowledge.
  • Proper pronunciation: You may be a word wizard with a good knowledge of facts, but it is of no use if your pronunciation is bad. Your proper pronunciation will charm your speech. Pronunciation can be improved by listening to English news on English channels like CNN IBN, and NDTV, and listening to AIR. Make it a habit. You will have mastered a number of good pronunciations within a year. Cultivate friendship with a person who knows refined English with good pronunciation. Often go and talk with such people.
  • Correct gestures: You should have the correct style of delivering a speech. You have to keep their interest till the end so that they listen to you attentively. Try to end and begin the speech appropriately. The first impression is the best impression. Also, avoid sudden endings. Your gestures should be natural and impressive. Avoid acting like a clown on the platform. Your errors can be spotted by delivering your speech before your parents and asking them to note down your faults. Next time you try to improve your speech. This will make a steady improvement.
  • No shyness and nervousness: Shyness is due to some hidden fears. Some Great personalities were shy in their childhood but they overcome their shyness and achieved greatness. Shyness may prove deadly for a public speaker. To remove shyness, you should prepare well in advance and while speaking, keep yourself absorbed in the topic, and do not worry about the audience. Even if they do not encourage you, never mind it. Avail maximum chances of coming to public meetings. This is the best way to remove shyness. Take part in dramatic clubs and extracurricular activities. Your good speech may be tarnished if you are in the habit of stammering. It can be removed by certain exercises. Better consult an experienced person.
  • No nervousness: Some persons are prone to nervousness. Take 15 long breaths to overcome nervousness.
  • A good voice: You can never be a good speaker if you don’t have a good voice. Nobody likes harsh and rough voices. Try to copy some pleasant voice if you are possessing a rough voice. Some exercises are found useful for improving the voice. Moreover, in the SSB, GTO doesn’t look for how much you have spoken, but how you have spoken. Always try to give fresh and original ideas before the group in your lecture. Please avoid sarcasm while speaking. Talk slowly but steadily. Your voice should be neither high nor low. Maintain eye contact with your group members.
  • PRACTISE PAYS IN GOLD COINS. You should practice speech making and effective speaking long before you come for SSB. Speak a lot and try to build up your store of knowledge and pay special attention to the editorials written by Journalists. Take down notes if necessary. Practice for GD will automatically improve your storehouse of knowledge.
The Editorial Team at SSBCrack consists of professional writers, journalists and defence aspirants.



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