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What is Snake Race Group Obstacle Race In SSB Interview GTO Tasks

During snake race you have seen some candidates running fast just to win the race, some are very heavy can't even run properly, and some are lazy and don't even shout the warcry.


The snake race is one of the very exciting and thrilling parts of the group test, it’s interesting because it looks like fighting a war with others.

The snake race is very important in the group testing series and it shows your behavior and attitude within the group, I don’t want to go into technicality but just want to convey the real motive behind conducting the Snake race.

We all know that all SSB GTO tasks are there to test us on the basis of group activities and the same case is with snake race.


All we need to do is carry a snake altogether and run through various obstacles, what are we supposed to do?

Really it’s difficult to manage a snake ?? or Is it difficult to manage the snake along with other candidates? I am not confusing you, most of the candidates make group task an individual task which is not worth it at all.

Do remember you all have to carry the snake to the finishing line and there are certain rules and regulations that you have to follow, I am not going to tell you what are the rules because you will know them sooner or later but this post is just to tell you the practicality and the reality of snake race. 

During snake race you have seen some candidates running fast just to win the race, some are very heavy can’t even run properly, and some are lazy and don’t even shout the warcry.

This is the general case, I don’t think you will get all athletes in your group of 8-10 members, this is the thing you have to deal with, here you have to show your skills how to win the game with average players.

Again it’s not the matter of winning the snake race it’s all about what you did throughout the race, think of a war situation where you are leading your men and you have to take care of all and you have to make them cross all the hurdles.


Same in the snake race help other members instead of just thinking to stand first in the group so that GTO sees you and gives you marks. How to help? Help a fat guy to jump the wall, help a weak hearted to jump down from huge walls, help them to cross the tyre(ring) coz it is hanging { hold it from the side and make it stable}, help them by holding the moving plank and make it stable so that others can cross it safely, help them by shouting war cry, help by alerting them about rules, find the way to help and you will win the race.

Don’t ever try to compete with each other but learn to work with each other, SSB never rejects you because of someone who is better than you, but if you have it in you then you will be on the other side sooner or later. Write your experience of the Snake race in the comment box below.

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  1. sir, when i stand front then i will able to help other.. now my question is in helping the other i come last for holding the snake…so in this case what should i do?

  2. awesome….war cry cheering u up…teamwork…..overal memorabale experience…
    yaa very true..exciting and thrilling part of GT..feels actually like u r in battle ground…


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