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20 Technical Computer Science Questions Asked In SSB

The entries like TGC, SSC tech, where the candidates of specific streams of engineering are eligible, are sometimes asked these basic questions. For the students of computer science, here are 20 questions asked to the candidates in SSB.

All the engineering streams have their syllabus built over basics concepts. These basic and conceptual things are asked in the SSB to check the knowledge level of the candidate in SSB. As the engineers get maximum chances to appear in the SSB through the direct entries, they are more prone to be asked the subjective questions in the personal interview.

The entries like TGC, SSC tech, where the candidates of specific streams of engineering are eligible, are sometimes asked these basic questions. For the students of computer science, here are 20 questions asked to the candidates in SSB.

Computer Science Questions Asked In SSB

  1. What is DBMS system?

Ans – Sir, it is a combination of a database and a DBMS software.

  1. What is DML compiler?

Ans – Sir, it is a compiler that converts the DML statements into a low-level language.

  1. What are the ways of storing data in files?

Ans – Sir, it is Text format and binary format.

  1. What are C and C++?

Ans- Sir, C is a high-level programming language and C++ was developed from C. Both save similar syntax but the object-oriented feature of C++ help the user in creating objects within the codes.

  1. Tell me the use of C language.

Ans – Sir C is used to make system software’s, application software’s, games, compiler and other software.

  1. What is BIOS?

Ans – Sir, BIOS stands for Basic Input Output System. It controls the most crucial and fundamental operations of the computer and is necessary for a system to start. Without BIOS the system won’t communicate with its components.

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  1. What is cascade with respect to the windows?

Ans – Sir, it is an option in windows that organizes all the open windows in a visible and accessible manner.

  1. What is backward compatible?

Ans – Sir if a software accepts and accesses the files from the older version of itself it is called backward compatible.

  1. Tell me the types of system software.

Ans – Sir the types of system software’s are operating systems (like Windows, Linux, UNIX), drivers, word processors and utility software.

  1. What are TCP and FTP?

Ans – Sir, TCP ensures the easy and continuous exchange of bits between the systems. While FTP is an added context to TCP mediated bit which makes one connection understand what other connection is sending.

  1. What is OS?

Ans – Sir, OS stands for an operating system which manages all the resources (hardware and software) of computer and provide common service to the computer programs. Or it can be defined as a software which helps in commutation between computer hardware and software. For example – Windows, Linux, Unix etc.

  1. What is the difference between IPv4 and IPv6?

Ans – Sir, IPv4, and IPv6 stand for Internet Protocol version 4 and Internet Protocol version 6. IPv4 is the technology to link or connect the devices to the web. While IPv6 is the advance or enhanced version of IPv4. The major difference between them is IPv4 uses 32 bit and IPv6 uses 128 bit for its internet addresses.

  1. What is NIC?

Ans – Sir, Network card interface, also known as Ethernet card, is a device which is used to connect a system to the networks.

  1. Tell me the names of logic gates

Ans – Sir, there are 7 logic gates which are AND, OR, XOR, NOT, NAND, NOR, and XNOR.

  1. What is storage mapping and which program does it?

Ans – Sir, storage mapping is the mapping of the data files on the physical devices and it is done by the compiler.

  1. Tell me names of any 10 coding languages

Ans – C, Java, PHP, JavaScript, C++, Python, Shell, Ruby, Objective-C and C#

  1. What is Trojan?

Ans – Sir, Trojan is a kind of malware that disguise as a software of the computer which is made by cyber thieves to get the access to the system.

  1. What is the extension and tell me the extension of excel 2007 files?

Ans – Sir Extension is the name at the end of the file that specifies the type of the file and helps in identifying it. The extension of Excel 2007 files is xlsx.

  1. What is the maximum number of rows supported by the excel spreadsheet?

Ans – 65,536

  1. Tell me 5 internal components of CPU.

Ans- Sir, 5 internal components of CPU are Motherboard, PCI bus, hard drive, CD/DVD drives, and Graphics card.

21. What is ransomware? 

Ans- Sir, Ransomware is a type of malicious software from cryptovirology that threatens to publish the victim’s data or perpetually block access to it unless a ransom is paid. 

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Conclusion – The interviewer in SSB won’t ask you the deep technical questions of coding, or syntax errors, rather they would clarify whether you have the basic and conceptual knowledge or not. So keep your basic knowledge clear and stay ready for the explanation of the concepts. Sometimes the IO puts some common problems to check the knowledge. In that case, what all matters is your knowledge and experience. Listen carefully and then respond to what is being asked.

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