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50 Questions Asked In SSB Related To Indian Army Weapons

It is important to note that the SSB interview is not a knowledge-based test, and there are no right or wrong answers to these questions. The interviewers are more interested in assessing the candidate's awareness, interest, and general knowledge about the Indian Army weapons. Therefore, it is advisable for candidates to stay updated on the latest developments and trends in the Indian Army and its weapons, and showcase their interest and passion for the same during the interview process.

It is always advisable to keep a knowledge of the organization for which you are attending the interview. The same theory is applicable to the SSB. The aspirants going for the SSB need to stay aware of the service for which they are attending SSB. Army aspirants, aspirants must stay aware of the basic framework of the army along with a significant level of knowledge of the weapons of the Indian Army.

Those aspirants who want to join specific battalions need to get sufficient knowledge of the battalion, as well as the weapons, used by the soldiers. So we are here with a bunch of questions related to the weapons of in the Indian Army that can be asked in the SSB.

During the SSB (Services Selection Board) interview process, candidates may be asked questions related to Indian Army weapons. Here are some examples of such questions:

  1. What are the types of guns used by the Indian Army?
  2. What is the range of the INSAS rifle?
  3. What is the difference between an AK-47 and an INSAS rifle?
  4. What is the caliber of the Indian Army’s sniper rifle?
  5. What are the types of grenades used by the Indian Army?
  6. What is the weight of the Indian Army’s standard machine gun?
  7. What is the maximum effective range of the Indian Army’s rocket launcher?
  8. What is the difference between a tank and an armored vehicle?
  9. What is the maximum speed of the Indian Army’s main battle tank?
  10. What are the types of missiles used by the Indian Army?
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50 Questions Asked In SSB Related To Indian Army Weapons

  1. Tell me the names of some weapons of the artillery of The Indian Army.

Ans – Bofors Haubits FH77, Dhanush Howitzer, Pinaka MBRL

  1. How what is the full form of INSAS?

Ans – Indian Small Arms System.

  1. What is S-400 and which nation is selling it to India?

Ans – S-400 is the air defense system to be procured from Russia. It has a range of 400kms and is one of the best air defense systems in the world.

  1. Tell me the names of the helicopters used by the aviation corps of The Indian Army.

Ans – HAL, cheetah, HAL Chetak, Hal Rudra, HAL Dhruv

  1. What is the difference between the armored and artillery?

Ans – armored corps consists of armored tanks and armored vehicles, used for supporting infantry. While artillery gives the fire cover to the infantry and armored. It stands at a distance from the actual action site of the infantry and neutralizes the threats in the way of infantry using missiles.

  1. What is ICBM?

Ans – Inter Continental Ballistic Missiles are the guided cruise missiles with a range of 5,500 km or more. They can be used as nuclear weapons.

  1. Tell me something about AGNI missiles.

Ans – Agni missiles are the group of missiles with a range of medium to intercontinental specifications.

  1. Tell me names of engineering and support weapons of The Indian Army.

Ans – VFJ Light Recovery Vehicle, Yuktirath Light Recovery Vehicle, Mat Ground Surfacing CL-70, Armoured Vehicle Tracked Light Repair, WZT-2, WZT-3M.

  1. Name 5 tanks used by The Indian Army.

Ans- Arjun, T-90, T-72, Vijayanta, BMP.

  1. Which vehicle is used by the mechanized infantry?

Ans – BMP tanks.

  1. What type of missile is Nag?

Ans – It is an anti-tank missile.

  1. Name some anti-tank missiles used by The Indian Army.

Ans – Nag and Helina, Spike, MILAN

  1. Tell me something about Brahmos Missile?

Ans – It is a supersonic cruise missile that is produced by a joint venture of Russian Federation’s NPO Mashinostroeyenia and India’s (DRDO). It was named after the Brahmaputra of India and the Moskva of Russia. Is has 5 variants which are Cruise missile, Air-launched cruise missile, Anti-ship missile, Land-attack missile, Surface-to-surface missile. it has an operational range of 450 km and ceiling of 14 km.

  1. Name some ballistic and cruise missiles used by India.

Ans- Brahmos and Nirbhaya – Cruise Missiles, Prithvi, Agni, AAD – Ballistic Missiles

  1. What are UAVs?

Ans – Unnamed Arial vehicles are the pilot-less aircraft which are remotely operated by distant human sources.  These can be used for surveillance and localization and mapping, air defense and combat roles.

  1. Name some UAVs used by India.

Ans – IAI Heron, DRDO Nishant, IAI Searcher, Searcher, IAI Harpy

  1. Which UAV is indigenously produced by India and is being used by The Indian Army?

Ans  – Rustom UAV.

  1. Which nation produced Brahmos in a joint venture with India?

Ans – Russia

  1. Name the indigenously produced tank by India.

Ans – Arjun Main Battle Tank

  1. Tell me something about INSAS.

Ans – INSAS is a weapon with two variants of an assault rifle and light machine gun manufactured in Ordnance Factory Tiruchirappalli. It is the rifle used by the Indian armed forces having a fire rate of 600-650 rounds per minutes, with a muzzle velocity of 900 m/s. Following some problems and functional issues, the armed forces are tracking a new weapon to replace it.

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Conclusion – The candidates going to appear for the army SSB need to stay aware of the questions related to the weapons of The Indian Army. Starting from the basic, a level of significant knowledge of weapons must be kept by the aspirants to perform well in the personal interview as well as GD. The above questions will help the aspirants in preparing for the SSB and giving their best.

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